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A Tyne Tees TV documentary following Middlesbrough Football Club under the management of Jackie Charlton in 1974 (the year they won the second division championship). Film shows the team training, and includes shots of the manager's team talk where Charlton discusses tactics. The film also shows the team relaxing, coverage of the match itself, celebrations, and crowd scenes.

General view of Middlesbrough FC’s ground at Ayresome Park. Groundsmen are tending to the field, marking out the white lines of the box. View of the empty stands of Ayresome Park with the wooden seating and advertising panels above the seating area.

Two Middlesbrough players walk away from their cars towards the entrance to Ayresome Park. As Jackie Charlton exits his car he is holding a golden retriever puppy, which he hands over to a young girl. Jackie and his family walk towards the ground. He stops to sign an autograph for a fan.

In the Middlesbrough locker room, players are getting changed. Jackie Charlton enters smiling and begins speaking to the players as the players put their boots on.

Jackie and a trainer leave the changing room and head out to the pitch. The team are warming up doing drills while the trainer instructs and Jackie observes.

Tyne Tees Television camera crews begin removing protective covering for the cameras at the ground. Jackie is giving a team talk on the field, and the players listen on to what he has to say. Tyne Tees start to check the camera equipment.

In a pink office at the ground, Jackie Charlton is standing talking to the director, who is sitting at his desk.

View of the outside door of the general office. A Radio Cleveland van raises its aerial then an interview begins between Jackie Charlton and a member of the Radio Cleveland team.

The Middlesbrough team are in a restaurant or a dining area at the ground, there is wood panelling on the walls. The majority of the players are wearing similar grey suits. Jackie Charlton is sitting at a table away from the players with three other men; they are eating and talking.

Evening Gazette 'Going Up' Special advertised on a board on the street near the entrance to Ayresome Park. A woman is handing out programmes; she hands one to a man who is passing by.

A man outside Ayresome Park is selling Middlesbrough branded items to fans, a kid rolls out a blue ‘’Boro Champs’’ banner. Middlesbrough fans are walking over to Block 3. Crowds are lined up outside Block 3. Inside, the club shop is busy selling merchandise. Jackie Charlton is shown among those waiting, he is speaking to the woman at the desk.

Crowds are gathered outside Block 3. A man is selling Middlesbrough branded badges. An announcing team are up in the stands on the tannoy addressing the fans who are already in the ground. A Match of the Day book is under the desk, fans old and young are taking their seats before the game starts.

The Notts County FC team disembark from the coach as fans continue to enter the ground.

A Tyne Tees Television production van is stationed outside, inside the van final checks are being made. An announcer is talking to the crowd.

In the Middlesbrough locker room players are preparing for the match one is on a bed having his ankle taped another is getting a leg massage.

Photographers are gathered on the pitch, the stands are filled with supporters. Jackie Charlton is in front of photographers holding up an oversized bottle which he poses with before heading towards the crowd.

Jackie Charlton and the players are in the locker room; before they leave they have signed footballs and flowers to take out. When the players are on the field in the centre circle, they begin to hand out the flowers and signed footballs to the crowd. One player goes into the crowd to give a woman a kiss.

The match is about to start. A player tests the keeper with a shot, the crowd is excited and is holding up scarves. A ball boy passes by. The referee blows the whistle.

The team captains meet in the middle to shake hands and to take the coin toss. Jackie Charlton is walking around the pitch collecting training jumpers from the players; he walks back to the dugout. Police walk up and down the sidelines in front of the crowd. The front row of the stands is filled with young kids. Jackie and the trainer watch from the dugout as the match starts.

Middlesbrough are on the ball and they knock it up field. Photographers are on the sidelines, back and forth between the game and views of the crowd which is filled with fans young and old. The goalkeeper comes out to punch the ball away; he is not wearing gloves.

Middlesbrough lose the ball to Notts County who pass it back to their keeper. Men and women, young and old, are enthralled by the game. Seen from behind the goal, Middlesbrough are attacking; the ball is cut back which results in a near-miss which gets the crowd going.

Up in the stands, a man is on the phone giving a commentary of the game. The camera pans over to a line of similar men with phones in front of them. Overhead kick by the Middlesbrough no. 10 with reactions from the crowd. Jackie Charlton’s wife is watching the game from the stands with the family: her son shouts something and she tells him off.

View of the crowd chanting, a hard challenge is made by Middlesbrough no. 7 on Notts County no. 8: the crowd reacts to the tackle. Jackie is looking nervous as Middlesbrough defend a free kick outside the area. Tyne Tees cameras capture the game. Jackie, the trainer and two players talk in the dugout; one is in a sleeping bag.

The commentary team are high in the stands with many more around them. The camera looks across the field to the Middlesbrough dugout where Jackie is seated.

The team return to the locker room where Jackie Charlton is waiting. Jackie’s wife and a friend in a members' area are drinking tea; trophies are on display in the background. A man enters the directors' room which features a small mini bar and tea facilities; the room is filled with directors of the club.

The crowd is receiving half time refreshments, various shots of people in the crowd talking to one another.

In the locker room, Jackie Charlton gives verbal instructions to two players. The directors leave the room, the crowd in the stands chants and waves red scarves.

An enthralled fan is watching with his daughter. The crowd are giving the team a great atmosphere. Jackie and the trainer look impressed in the dugout. Fans celebrate as Middlesbrough score.

Cashiers are counting cash. The crowd is celebrating.

In the locker room, a man is going round placing bottles for the players. The players return to the locker room.

The Middlesbrough team come back out on the field for a circle of the pitch. Jackie Charlton is waving to the crowd as they celebrate. Players return back to the locker room as fans begin to disperse from the ground.

The players are in the locker room after the game getting dressed into suits, players' wives are gathered talking to each other.

Jackie Charlton speaks to reporters.

Two children walk away from Ayresome Park kicking polystyrene cups. Jackie leaves with his family carrying golden retriever puppy. Fans follow him to his car. A Middlesbrough flag is lowered outside the ground. Empty streets at the gates of Ayresome Park. Ground staff work on the pitch.

End Credit. Camera Jim Hodkinson, Norman Jackson, Keith McWhirter, Fred Thomas F.R.P.S.

End Credit: Sound Ray Hole, Bob Rhodes, Ken Scorfield, Bill Walmsley

End Credit: Research Michael McHugh

End Credit: Film Editor Mike Pounder

End Credit: Executive Producer Lesley Barrett

End Credit: Film Directors Tony Kysh, Jeremy Lack, Andrea Wonfor