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NEFA 22263



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An amateur film made by Alan Quinn showing a street party on Naylor Avenue in Winlaton Mill to celebrate the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer on the 29th July 1981.

In a window of a house two photographs are on display, one of Prince Charles, the other Lady Diana Spencer. On the upstairs window, an official engagement photograph of Charles and Diana plus two Union Jack flags are dispayed.

A flowerbed display reads: 'Winlaton Mill Cub Scouts 1965 1981'.

Women wearing red, white and blue are setting up food on a long trestle table in the middle of Naylor Avenue. Union Jack bunting crisscrosses the street. Old and young sit together along the table eating, some wearing party hats which have a Union Jack pattern.

The film shows adults setting out the long trestle table in the middle of the road. At a smaller table women serve some food and drink.

Some of the houses along the road are decorated in Union Jacks on walls and gates and red and white streamers are threaded through fences. More views of the long trestle table show places being set and food waiting to be eaten. Children start to take their places at the table. A man points to a large union jack flying above one of the tables.

Views follow of the children enjoying their food. Older children and adults sit down to eat their share and celebrate the occasion. General views follow of local residents enjoying their food and drink.

More general views show house windows decorated with bunting and photographs of Charles and Diana.

Some of the children play pass the parcel, followed by a game of musical chairs in the road. Other games are watched by the adults as they sit on chairs along the pavement. The party goes on into dusk with the adults enjoying a few stronger drinks. A bucket containing punch or some other alcoholic beverage is passed round and dispensed to adults holding glasses or paper cups. The party goes on well into the summer's evening, showing people with drinks in their hands, some smiling at the camera.

In a street in Newcastle a man in a blue shirt walks towards the camera. He walks into a barber's shop, then stands in the doorway and waves to the camera.

The film cuts to a view of a bird table in a garden, then to the ornamental flowerbed seen at the beginning of the film.

General views follow of the houses and woodland nearby.

Ornamental tubs of plants are arranged in a row near the entrance to a Texaco petrol station. Other flower beds show healthy growth near a board advertising 'Day Tours to Scotland, Holy Island, Beamish Museum and Northumberland', presumably by coach from the petrol station.

A brief general view of some of the outbuildings near the garage ends the film.