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YFA 2169



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This film chronicles the life of the Horton family of Rotherham, from 1938 until 1950.  The film highlights domestic and family life in Rotherham and the surrounding area during this time period.   

The film begins with titles and shots of individual members of the family. 

Title – This narrative puts before you scenes taken from our home life. 

There are general views onto a snowy road at Christmas time taken from the family's house.  

Vera Horton (age two) is on a Mickey Mouse rocking mouse by a Christmas tree. Her big sister Margaret picks her off the mouse and has a ride. There are shots of the girls Christmas presents including a dolls tea service. The girls’ toys have a Christmas tea party, and additionally there are snowy scenes in the grandparents’ garden nearby. 

Title – Easter 1939 

The girls are on a tricycle in the garden, and they also make mud pies.   

Title – Helping Daddy in the Garden 

Helping in the garden, the little girl pushes a garden roller.  

Title – A visit to Clifton Park on Easter Monday 

There are shots taken from the road looking towards the park entrance, and the bandstand can also be seen.  Crowds are walking through the park, many with babies in prams.  The Horton family sits on the grass with a picnic.   

Title – When day is done

The children take a final ride around the garden on the tricycle and then go inside.  They get changed, take a bath, and after which, the girls are in their dressing gowns sitting on the sofa playing with a toy dog.  The children read a book, and their mother also reads them a story. 

Title – At our new home in Stainforth 1947 

There are some brief shots of the children with chickens and a dog.  The family stand individually outside their house for filming, and their dog Billy, does a few tricks for the camera.    

Title – January 1949 

The girls are now teenagers, and they walk and cycle by the canal and river at Stainforth, Doncaster.  There are also scenes of local countryside and cattle. 

Title – Flamborough 1950' 

Though over-exposed, this portion of the film contains scenes of the seaside and cliffs at Flamborough.   

Title – Thornwick Bay, a piece of nature’s super craftsmanship 

The titles continue in praise of the cliffs (some shot over-exposed) with scenes of the cliffs and caves.  The film closes with Margaret and Vera playing on the rocks.