Film ID:
YFA 4322



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A film of Chapeltown showing: streets, church, pub, steam train through station, people in park, cricket match.

(B&W) The film begins with two men driving off on a scooter. A row of cars are parked on a country lane. There is a sign for the Parish Church of Chapeltown, with details of services, with the Right Rev. Frank Gouge. There is a view of a street.

(Colour) A car goes onto a roundabout with flower beds and where there is a railway bridge with an advertisement running across it. There is a deserted street, and then Coach and Horses pub is shown. There are a couple of more streets with shops and a steam passenger train passes through a station. There is a large ruined building, possibly a church, and again the Coach and Horses pub. A couple of cyclists come along a street before there is a cricket match with people up on a balcony and others below on a lawn. The players come onto the field accompanied by four men in suits. Spectators sit on a small grassy embankment on the side-lines. A girl watches the match as well. She is dressed in a white dress and red blazer with white edges. Here, the film comes to an end.