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YFA 807



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This film was made by Kathleen Lockwood and comprises of the second part of the amateur film documenting the changes that take place in Holmfirth in the latter half of the seventies.

Title-The Changing Face of the Holme Valley Part 2.

The voiceover talks about the planting of flowers at the Civic Hall and the demolition of several local shops and buildings.

Title-Cemetery church October 1974

There are shots of a small chapel and cemetery built on the hill in a forest, and the voiceover talks about the fact that the main church was quite far away from the cemetery so the locals built a small chapel beside the cemetery.

Title-March 19th 1975.

The voiceover continues on to inform us that the chapel had to be demolished due to the damage done by vandals. There is a shot of the site.

Title-Rock Mills Brockholes October 1974.

The factory and chimney are visible some distance away.

Title-The downfall of the chimney February 9th 1975.

The shot is taken from quite a distance away from the chimney and the demolition site. A large crowd of people have gathered around to watch. After a few moments the chimney falls.

Title-Lancaster's Mill demolished 1975.

There is a shot of field, and the voiceover talks about the history of the mill and its demolition. The camera zooms in a small bit and a building is visible.

Tile-February 1975.

Title-'Tree planters' in South Lane March 19th 1975.

The voiceover talks about the construction of new roads in the area and how the locals planted trees at the intersection to make it look more pleasant.

Title-April 1975.

The voiceover talks about the old post office that was demolished, the temporary, wooden one that was erected and then the construction of a new one. There are shots of the old, the temporary and the new post office.

Title-July 1975.

Title-Holmside Gardens.

Title-July 1975.

There are some lingering shots of a park.

Title-September 1975

The voiceover mentions the delayed building of a new Methodist church, but in September 1975, construction began.

Title-Victoria Mill August 1975.

There are shots of an old mill building which is now used to house a car repair garage.

Title-September 1975

A new indoor swimming pool is finally given the go ahead to be constructed, and there are shots of the finished facility. Following this is footage of newspaper clippings about the Holmbridge Mill closing and the people having to take redundancy.



Title-Thirstin Mill.

The next section shows footage of builders at work on a building site.

Title-The end of the line. Demolition of part of the Viaduct at Mytholmbridge Oct 17th 1976.

There are panning shots of a section of valley, taken from a height looking down onto the viaduct. There are also shots of demolished section of viaduct.

Title-Weir built by the Civic Society and Action Group, washed down by the swollen river.

Shot of water running along through the town.

Title-Closed 1978.

Title-1978 Stoney Bank Mill Closed.

The voiceover talks about the history of the mill, and this is accompanied by shots of the mill and the surrounding land.

Title-1978 site of Kirkbridge Mill.

There are several shots of the buildings.

Title-1978 Site of Holme Bottom Mill at New Mill.

There are more shots of road construction and builders working on the construction of buildings.

The last shot is of a woman, most likely Kathleen Lockwood, walking across a field holding some flowers. There are also some shots of the forest.

Title-End of part 2

Title-Produced by Kathleen M. Lockwood.