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YFA 806



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This amateur film, from the Kathleen Lockwood collection, has footage of many demolition and construction projects that were carried out in Holmfirth in the early seventies.

Title-The Changing Face of the Holme Valley in the seventies.

The film opens with a shot of the town taken from across the river. The voiceover talks about the changes to the look of the town, including the demolition of a hotel. There is also a brief shot of an organ and organist, Mr Alan Heeley.

Title-March 23rd 1972.

There are shots of a chapel that has been demolished and a smaller one built on the site. The voiceover talks about the reason behind the demolition.

There is a shot of a newspaper clipping looking for volunteers to clean up the river. Shots of lots of volunteers wading in the water, putting rubbish into bags, and hoisting them up a ladder and away.

Title-March 19th 1972.

The voiceover talks about the other work that the Civic Council carried out including planting saplings and tidying flowerbeds. Again there is a large group of helpers planting saplings all around the village.

Title-Nov 28th 1972.

The old secondary school is sandblasted and when it is finished it looks like a new building. There are shots of lots of buildings from around different parts of the town, as well as many flower beds full of blooming flowers.

Title-Sept. 7th 1973.

The voiceover says that some of the old graveyards have been turned into gardens and parks and this is followed by shots of a couple of women and men sitting on the park benches and walking among the flower beds.

The following shot is of a newspaper clipping saying that a school was sold for £9, 800.

Title-April 1975.

There are shots of old school building on a large amount of land.

Title-Hinchliffe Mill Chapel Feb 1974.

There are shots of the Sunday school that has been closed down.

Title-November 1974

Title-Choppards Mill March 1974.

There is a shot taken from one side of a valley looking across fields onto an old run down mill.


There is a shot of a building with a Union Jack outside.

Title-April 1st 1974.

Men in diggers clear a river of rubble and following this are shots of construction workers working on another part of town.

Title-May 28th 1974.

There are some shots of a mallard with her ducklings swimming along the river.

Title-April 5th 1975.

Crowds of people gather outside a new supermarket which has just been opened.

Title-A funeral passing the Victoria Hotel about 1900.

There are some shots of an old photograph showing the funeral passing along the street.

Title-Down Falls the Victoria Hotel.

Shot of another few old photos showing the demolition of a building.

Title-April 1975.

The voiceover says that a building was demolished and had left an ugly path of earth so a local man decided to plant daffodils on the patch of land.

The voiceover talks about the plans for a new swimming pool and that construction work has begun.

The final shot is of another old mill and shots of the chimney.

Title-End of part 1.