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YFA 3897



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Made by Reverend Underwood, this film documents some of the changes which took place in the small North Yorkshire village of Carleton-in-Craven during 1969.

Title – Focus Focus. Originally a silent film, it has been reedited, striped for sound and a new commentary added. A Priestman Film [picture of a priest wearing a blue coat, glasses and a hat holding a bible and an umbrella.]  The Changing Face of Carleton … [on a bed of leaves.]

A yellow digger loads soil from a grass verge into a blue trailer attached to a tractor (creating a large trench.)  A man wearing white overalls stands on a ladder and paints the top window frame of a house.  In the front garden, a man sands a white door on its side.  A red tractor with a trailer loaded with hay bales is driven through the village streets.  In the front garden, the man sands the other side of the white door.  Stones are stacked in piles in the churchyard.  Two men load a small trailer with stones and one pulls it away up the path.  Two men stand by headstones in the graveyard.  One of the men starts up the stonecutter and cuts a stone table covered with inscriptions in half while two men pile up the stone pieces.  More piles of stones are at the entrance to the churchyard where a man uses a sledge hammer to break them up into smaller pieces for a man in a blue tea shirt to put them into a skip.

The front of a stone building has a porch held up with columns.  A stone cottage in the countryside has a tiled roof, and roofers are working on the top of the house fitting new tiles.

Sign on building – “E.G. Walker, Carpet Specialist Furniture and Drapery Rugs etc. Tel. Skipton 3745-3154”.     
A man uses cotton and tread to attach small metal discs to the bottom of the carpet he is laying.  Various tools are laid out on the carpet next to the tool box, and the finished carpet is laid.  They bring furniture, such as tables and chairs and a grandfather clock into the newly carpeted room.  Half the roof has been completed.

Sign – Architect.

There is a long row of stone houses with white windows, doors, and a gravel courtyard.  Various residential houses and industrial buildings are surrounded by countryside.

There is a long boat in the yard in front of a barn “Incleton”.  Three men work on the roof of a stone building.  A large crane is used to lift the long boat onto the trailer attached to a lorry.  A police car is parked by the stone wall.  A Land Rover leads the way for the lorry pulling the long boat on the trailer.  The Land rover pulls up in front of a shop window “Pennine Cruisers hire, Charter Skipton, Sales Service.”  A woman, wearing a red coat, stands on the banks of the canal with a baby in a red pram.  They feed the swans and ducks.  The long boat is on the water next to other long boats.

Men work on a construction site of a building.  An orange and white lorry is parked in the street “Willies of Skipton – storage and removal.”  A man loads up the lorry with different pieces of furniture.

Title – To Beamsley.

There is a row of stone cottages with tiled roofs in front of a stone garden courtyard.  On the side of the cottages are plaques with coats of arms.  One of the cottages has a circular shape and a bedroom at the top, and another one has a white door and windows.  In the ruins of a building, rows of white windows are stacked up along the wall, and the rooms are filled with rubble.

Title – The End  [picture of a priest wearing a blue coat, glasses and a hat holding a bible and an umbrella.]