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YFA 6281



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Made by Leeds photographer Charles Pickard, this film documents a trip to Lief’s Nature Cure Resort in Tring, Hertfordshire 1934.  Stanley Lief, the resort’s owner, was one of the founders of Naturopathy.   The film shows mainly the grounds and the house from outside.

The film opens with scenes of a wooded area.  There are a number of panning shots of a manor building and the woodland that surrounds it.  “Lief’s Nature Cure Resort” is written on a fence near a building.  A sign on a tree reads “Private road to Champneys no through fare. Trespassers will be prosecuted.”

There are medium shots and close-ups of a man posing for the camera.

There are then shots of patients or guests in dressing gowns and doctors or health centre staff in white coats.  One of the patients/guests play-fights with one of the doctors/staff.  A staff member peals fruit and shares it with people around her. A patient/guest reads a newspaper by a fire.

A man (believed to be Stanley Leif) delivers a speech to seated people. A car then picks the man up and drives away.

There are then shots of the grounds that appear to be near the hospital/health centre.  A game of croquet is taking place on the grass.  The film ends.