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In 1963 Ripon Training College celebrated its centenary year. This film documents some of those celebrations including the opening of new college buildings and a performance put on by the students.

Title - The College Ripon 1863-1963 Opening of New Buildings.

The film opens with a Union Jack on the College. This is followed by external views of the college including details of crests on the college walls and footage of the new chapel.

Title - Dedication of the Chapel by the Bishop of Ripon.

The Bishop and party enter the chapel, and there is a service of dedication. The Alter can be seen as well as the rest of the interior of the chapel including stained glass windows and the organ.

There is a tour of inspection of the college by the Countess of Harewood and the Bishop's party before the ceremonial opening of the new building by the Countess of Harewood. The party enters the new building and conducts tour of inspection. The Party then enters the Hall. After a presentation of flowers to the Countess, the Party makes its way to the stage. There are speeches in the Hall (by the Bishop, Countess and others), and after which, the Party leaves.

The Party crosses the college lawn and enters a marquee. They view a number of different projects by students including pottery, brass rubbing, painting, flower arranging, books. The Party visits the Geography Department, and finally, the Countess of Harewood leaves in a Humber car. The College staff and guests can be seen by the arches, and there is a marquee on the lawn.

Title - A Review of Education, 1863-1963.

The students perform a review while dressed in period costumes: 1860, 1903, 1910, 1917, 1940, 1954, 1963. At the end, they hold up cards for 2063, and after which, present the director of the play with a bouquet of flowers.

Title - The Students Ball

Couples dance inside a large tent with a dance floor which has been set up. All those in attendance are well dressed.

Title - Photographed by Leon Smallwood of Ripon
The End.