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An amateur film of the Duke of Northumberland inspecting divisions of police men and women at the constabulary Divisional Headquarters in Carlisle Park, Morpeth as part of the centenary celebrations in 1957.

Title: The Centenary of Northumberland Constabulary 1857-1957.

The film opens on Morpeth Court House as seen from Carlisle Park with traffic and pedestrians moving past.

There is a page from the centenary programme booklet that reads:

Of the Northumberland County Constabulary Centenary 1857 – 1957.

There is second page from the booklet that reads:

Lord Lieutenant of the County of Northumberland His Grace The Duke of Northumberland who has graciously consented to take the salute.

Chairman of the Standing Joint Committee Major G.D. Anderson, J.P.

H.M. Inspector of Constabulary Lieut. Col. F.J. Armstrong, M.B.E

And the Chief Constable A.U.R. Scroggie, Esq, B.L.

The Parade will march past in columns of route: -

Officer Commanding the Parade: G.W. Brown, Esq, Assistant Chief Constable.

Divisions:                                         Commanding:

Wallsend                                         Superintendent R.S. Scott

Berwick                                           Superintendent W. Bell

Blyth                                               Superintendent J.D. Patterson

Morpeth                                           Superintendent W. Turnbull

Gosforth                                          Superintendent W. B. Jenner

Hexham                                          Superintendent A. Tait

Policewomen                                   Inspector Majorie Garrett

Policewomen Special Constables

Police Cadets

Dog Handlers

H.Q’s Traffic                                    Superintendent R.J. Cameron

Special Constabulary

County Commander                         M.M. Snowball Esq.

Deputy County Commander              H.S. Tegner Esq

Wallsend                                        Superintendent W.L. Cockburn

Berwick                                          Superintendent C.P. Forester

Blyth                                              Superintendent F.B. Rowe

Morpeth                                          Superintendent W. Pearson

Gosforth                                          Superintendent P.C.N. Brower

Hexham                                          Superintendent R.K. Davis

Parade Marsh, W. M. Jackson

There is a third page of the booklet that reads:


1.45pm                                          Inspection of Parade

                                                     Morpeth Divisional Headquarters, Castle Square

3pm                                               Service of Thanksgiving

                                                     St James Church

4.30pm                                          Unveiling of Plaque

                                                     Constabulary Headquarters, Morpeth Court House

5pm                                               March Past

                                                     Constabulary Headquarters


And afterwards Refreshments in the Constabulary Grounds.

The film changes to show a large crowd of guests seated around the lawn of the Divisional Headquarters building that is behind the Morpeth Court House in Castle Square.

Six male police Superintendents and a female Inspector march together across the lawn and come to attention in front of the Assistance Chief Constable.

Five of the Superintendents and the female Inspector turn and march off to stand equal distances apart.

Seven divisions of policemen and women march onto the lawn and stand to attention behind each of the Superintendents and Inspector.

Each of the policemen and women hold out their right arms to the side so that they are all standing equally apart. Everyone comes to attention.

On the driveway in front of the Police Headquarters eight policemen wearing white helmets and armbands stand next to their police car and motorcycle.

The Assistant Chief Constable salutes the Chief Constable before turning and marching away.

General view of guests at the parade hold umbrellas and wear waterproof jackets.

Overhead shot of a conductor with glimpse of musicians playing brass instruments in foreground.

The Duke of Northumberland, in dress uniform and ceremonial sword, stands beside the Inspector of Constabulary. Behind them stands the Chairman of the Standing Joint Committee who is wearing a dark suit, bowler hat and raincoat.

The Duke and Inspector of Constabulary both salute before walking over to the Chief Constable and saluting. The Chief Constable and Duke shake hands and chat a moment before walking towards the waiting divisions.

The Duke slowly walks up and down the lines of policemen stopping on occasion to speak with either the Chief Constable or Inspector of Constabulary. As The Duke approaches a Superintendent they both salute before shaking hands.

A police dog handler tries to control his Alsatian.

A man follows the Duke and his party with a camera as they all walk towards the dog handler.

The Alsatian jumps and sniffs at the Duke as he talks with his handler.

Three handlers stand with their dogs, two Dobermans and an Alsatian. The dogs are on the left side of each handler. The Duke continues to speak with the first handler before moving on to speak with the second.

The Duke, the Chief and Assistant Chief Constable's, Inspector of Constabulary and Chairman of the Standing Joint Committee and a female Inspector inspect a division of Policewomen.

The female inspector marches back into formation at the front of her division.

The Duke and his party inspect a division of police cadets along with a Sergeant who salutes the Duke. A senior police officer salutes the Duke.

The Duke and his party inspect another division of policemen, possibly the Special Constabulary. Many of these Policemen are older and several wear medals. The Duke speaks to a Corporal.

The Duke and his party then inspect a number of policemen in white caps and armbands standing next to police cars and vans. He then inspects a group of Policemen in white helmets standing next to their motorbikes. The registrations of three of the bikes are JTY 642, KTY 419 and KTY 411.

A senior officer shouts "Attention!" He turns and salutes the Duke who salutes back.

On the lawn all the divisions come to attention with their hands behind their backs.

The three dog handlers leave the parade as a police brass band march onto the field past the crowds of spectators.

General view from Carlisle Park of a brass band and divisions of policemen and women leaving the Divisional Headquarters onto Castle Square. Crowds of people line the street.

Overhead shot of a brass band leading divisions of policemen and women along Bridge Street and then Newgate Street.

The scene cuts to a shot of a large brick building with “Northumberland County Constabulary” sign.

A stone memorial reads “To the memory of the fallen 1939 –1945”.

A decorative flower bed laid out in the Northumberland coat of arms and the dates 1857-1957.

The Chief Constable and the Duke walk into a darkened room. They stand beside a set of curtains. The Duke pulls a red cord to reveal a metal plaque.

The Chief Constable presents the Duke with a boxed silver ashtray.

A group of male and female dignitaries, including a man in a red cassock, come forward to look at the plaque. 

A policeman ties the curtains around the plaque with red cord.

There is a close up of the plaque inscription.

Outside the Duke and Chief Constable walk along a path towards a decorated platform. They pass a policewoman standing to attention and several rows of seated guests. Two men in 19th century police uniforms stand to attention.

Divisions of policemen in helmets march past the Duke who stands with the Chief Constable on the platform. As they march past the Duke each policeman turns their head and salutes. The Duke returns the salute. Large crowds of onlookers stand along the pavement watching the procession.

Three dog handlers march past.

Police cars, motorcycles and vans drive slowly past.

Divisions of the Special Constabulary salute the Duke as they march past.

The two men in historic police uniforms march past and salute the Duke.

The Duke and Chief Constable step down from the platform.

The Duke, the Chief and Assistant Chief Constable's, Inspector of Constabulary and Chairman of the Standing Joint Committee talk with a number of older men who are standing across the road from the platform. The Duke shakes hands.  

The scene changes to a police brass band performs beside a red bus.

Various general views of well-dressed guests and senior police officers in a garden setting drinking tea, eating sandwiches and chatting. A number of the people are smoking cigarettes.

Two older men in overcoats and carrying umbrellas come out of a marquee. One of the men is smoking a cigarette.

Three young women in bright coloured dresses stand on the lawn chatting.

Two police officers stand on either side of a woman in a red dress and hat and two men. They pose for the camera.

The Chief Constable and Duke leave the garden party. The Chief Constable speaks with someone of camera.

The brass band continues to play while behind them divisions of policemen walk past.

The decorative flower bed laid out in the Northumberland coat of arms as seen from an upstairs window of the Division Headquarters building.

General view of Morpeth Court House seen from Carlisle Park with traffic and pedestrians moving past.

End title: The End.