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This film documents the events which took place in 1957 as part of the Centenary Celebration for the Girl Guides Association.  Included in the film are celebrations for the Chief Guides birthday as well as a visit by Queen Elizabeth and the Princess Royal to the Regional Centenary World Camp in Windsor Great Park.

Title – Centenary Celebrations “B.-P.” 1957-1957
Title – 22nd February, 1957 Commonwealth Headquarters The Chief Guide and The Chief Commissioner leave for Central Hall, Westminster

The film begins outside the Girl Guides Association building (no.17-19).  People are walking past on the sidewalk, and cars are parked along the street.  Girl Guides leave the headquarters from the entrance, and guides and scouts are gathered on the sidewalk.  Barclays Bank can be seen in the background, and following this is a shot of Westminster Abbey.

Title – National Service of Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey

The tower of the Abbey can be seen, and in the foreground, there is a bare tree.   

Title – Thinking Day Evening
Sign – 1957 B-P 1957

Two Girl Guides light a candle and put it on a window ledge.  Another lights a lantern, closes the glass lid, and places it on the windowsill.  There are other girls and women who do the same. 

Title – April  Patrol leaders bring their contributions for the Chief Guide’s Birthday present (new buildings for the World Association.)

At camp on a sunny day, Girl Guides walk near a tent.  They salute and make their contribution to a lady stationed at a small table set up for donations. 

Title – May  The Chief Guide at a County Rally

Girl Guides are lined up in rows, and older guides walk down the centre for the formation.  They carry Union Jack flags with them.  The Chief walks after.  All the girls come up to the Chief and curtsy.  Different groups of guides stand in formation.  They are distinguished by the different uniforms worn.  Some of the girls hold up signs in celebration of the centenary. 

Title – June  World Good Turn Leaflets are brought to be sealed.

Two girls are by the leaflets.  They get stamps, and two women are sitting in on the grass organizing the leaflets.

Title – July  Regional Centenary World Camp in Windsor Great Park Arrival of Visiting Contingents

Structures at the camp have been set up in celebration, decorated with flags and the centenary dates.  Tents can be seen in the background. Girls arrive on busses, and those guides already at the camp help to form a human chain in order to unload the bags and other goods from the busses.  More Girl Guides arrive on foot, and houses can be seen in the background. 

Title – 4,000 Campers assemble for colours

The Girl Guides assemble on the field, and tents can be seen in the distance.  All the guides are dressed in uniform.  Each group stand by a flag pole, and as the flag us unravelled, they stand to attention.  This is followed by footage of the camp.  Girls walk around the camp, and guides of different nationalities are seen including Asian and African guides.  There is a brief shot of two women pulling a cart full of sacks.

Title – The Chief guide opens the cap and receives “Bricks” representing £16,500 towards her birthday present. 

The girls are lined up behind ropes and then seated in a field.  The Chief guide arrives, walking behind girls holding flags, and the Girl Guides wave handkerchiefs in the air as the parade of flags passes.  With the aid of a microphone, the Chief addresses the crowd from a stage.  She is presented with the “Bricks,” and at the end, the crowd cheers and waves. 

Title – H.R.H. The Princess Royal watches National dances & visits “Central Group”

The Princess Royal, wearing sunglasses, arrives at the camp.  She then watches different traditional dances performed on the field.  The dancers are all in costume, and there is footage of the audience as well.  Following this, the Princess Royal goes on a tour of the camp.  Caravans and other modes of transportation can be seen. 

Title – H.M. The Queen & H.R.H. The Princess Royal attend the United Service

Flags are raised on poles, and the Queen arrives at the camp, led by guides holding flags and escorted by the priests.  They process onto the field where the United Services is performed. 

Title – Her Majesty receives a sampler for herself and a tent and cooking equipment for T.R.H. The Prince Charles and Princess Anne, and she visits various camps. 

Girl Guides present the Queen with gifts, and curtsy as they do so.  The Queen then tours the camp, shaking hands during her meet and greet with guide leaders. 

Two girls play a game with sticks, and after which, the Queen leaves the camp.  She gets into a car after saying goodbye to the guide leaders. 

Title – The Princess Royal Tours the Camp

The Princess Royal tours the camp.  She stands in the back of a jeep and waves as she makes her way through the camp. 

Dancers, dressed in costume, pose for the camera.  A woman drives a tractor across the field.

Girls exit the Westminster Bank Limited building at the camp, and there is a shot of the exterior of the building. 

Title – On the last day the Chief Guide visits each group.

The Chief waves from the top of a car.

Title – The World Camp is over.  Rangers say “Au Revoir” to their friends from abroad. 

After saying goodbye to their friends, the leaders get into a car and drive off.  Those left at the camp wave goodbye as they do so.