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NEFA 19500



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Sponsored film that documents the construction and operation of the offshore Boulby rig, GEM III, for cementation exploration. Footage includes views of Staithes harbour, the Boulby Cliffs, and the Boulby potash mine.

A lone fisherman sets off in a cobble from a harbour, with breakwater to left. There is a view of the early stages of construction of the GEM-III offshore rig platform in the North Sea at Boulby.

Various shots record progress of construction of the rig. These include welding, crane lifting giant components onto rig, diver descending in cage off rig.

A surveyor checks the measurements of the rig under construction from the Boulby cliffs, recording findings on a small portable recorder.

There are travelling shots of the rig taken from a boat.

Drilling takes place on the rig. There are shots of night time work on the rig.

Workers in goggles and helmets empty sacks of sand (or cement) down vertical pipeline on the rig.

Aerial shots of the rig are followed by overhead shots of the Boulby coastline with the rig seen in the distance.

Fishermen's cobbles are moored in a natural harbour off the cliffs of Boulby, the rig seen not far from the coastline in the background.