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NEFA 21651



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An amateur film by Leonard Winter of the Cleveland Cine Club of decorated streets, events and parades taking place in and around Middlesbrough as part of the Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1977.

Title: Cinelaw Productions Presents

Title: Celebration

The film opens on a steam engine, 'The Silver Jubilee', decorated with bunting standing at a station on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. It pulls away from the station and steams along the track.

The film cuts to a phantom car ride through the streets of Middlesbrough turning into a road across which bunting hangs. A street sign reads Queens Road. Bunting flutters in the wind across the street and a poster of the Queen hangs in the window of a house. A series of Union Jacks fly from poles beside a number of houses or across streets as bunting.

Standing on the pavement is a young girl in a pink ‘princess’ dress and a boy dressed as a pirate with an eye patch and wooden sword.

Through Stewart Park near to the Captain Cook Museum Royal Navy personnel in dress uniform march past a small crowd. At the front,  the men  carry drums while behind march a platoon of women. On the grassed area beside the steps to the old Marton Hall, the Royal Navy band march and perform for the crowds. Some of the sailors are playing bagpipes.

The film cuts to Linthorpe Road where a procession of juvenile jazz bands and decorated floats makes its way into the centre of Middlesbrough watched by crowds standing on the pavement. At the back of the procession comes a crane with an extendable ladder followed by a police officer on horseback.

The film ends on a house, the three-storey front of which has been painted as a Union Jack.

End title: A Cinelaw Production

End title [beside an image of the Queen] 1952-1977.

End Title: The end