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YFA 1179



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This promotional film documents the manufacturing process of light bulbs at the CEAG factory in Barnsley.  The film shows how the light bulbs manufactured played a major role in the mining industry.     

Title – When we think of Barnsley, we think of the Miner. 

The opening title is followed by miners emerging from the pithead and carrying lamps and lanterns. 

Title – A safe lamp means life or death to the miner. 

A man in a suit (possibly the owner of the CEAG factory,) holds up a lantern for closer inspection. 

Title – And the safest are made here. 

At the CEAG factory, there is a pick-up truck with CEAG Limited Barnsley written on its side.  As it drives away, a horse-drawn wagon can be seen being used to move boxes of product.  A few workers pass by in the loading yard. 

Title – The busy workshops. 

Men and women work in the factory using different machines within the production line.  There are close-up shots of the workers making filaments and soldering connectors as well as testing the finished bulbs.  The finished products in the LUMAX light line are featured, and many different product models are on display.   

Title – CEAG LTD. also make the famous LUMAX bulbs for miners’ lamps and motorcars.   

The film continues to highlight different machines and steps along the production line.  Women test the light bulbs at different stations, and the bulbs can be seen lit up during testing.     

Also included is footage of the administrative offices where men and women are handling paperwork seated at desks with typewriters.  

Title – Some of the happy workers. 

At the end of the film, the workers leave the factory.  Most are on foot, but some have bicycles or motorbikes.  The film finishes with two gentlemen smoking and laughing at the rear of the factory near to the bicycle sheds.