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YFA 2157



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This film is about a holiday to the National Association of Local Government Officers (NALGO) holiday camp in Cayton.  It provides a good example of a group holiday in the 1950s and includes events at the camp including races and the crowning of the Cayton King and Queen.   

Titles:  ‘Middlesbrough & District Amateur Motion Picture Club.’  ‘Rank Arthur’s Productions present the sign of a good holiday… or back to those happy Cayton days.’  The NALGO flag is flying. 

The film opens with two children standing by the sign for ‘NALGO Holiday Centre’.  The children are then on the beach looking through binoculars, and their mother is sitting nearby.  They then ride on a swing.  A group of adults are playing rounders on the beach, and this is followed by some children racing, first the girls then the boys, with the winners posing for the camera.  The children participate in various other races including an egg and spoon race, running backwards, arm-and-arm in pairs and ‘piggy backs.’ The film shows the winners at the end of each race.  Next the adults take part some races as well.   

Back on the beach the children play and dig in the sand making sandcastles for a competition.  The adults go onto compete in a tug-of-war, other adult games, and more races.  A small child is shown holding a pebble. 

Intertitle:  ‘We chose our eminent personalities, Mr and Mrs Cayton.’   

In a field all the men are lined up on one side and all the women on the other.  The men proceed to parade, one at a time, in front of some women judges sitting at desks.  A young couple emerge to be crowned Cayton Queen and King.  Back on the beach children and some adults paddle in the sea, whilst some women sit on deck chairs having tea and cake.  There is a brief scene of men playing bowls, women playing netball, and men playing basketball.  This is followed a shot of the ankles of a group of women lined up on the beach and men displaying their chests.  A bit more film of the beach is followed by holidaymakers going back to their chalets. 

Intertitle:  ‘We went to see the boats at Scarborough’.    

There are shots of the Hispaniola, a large tall ship with rigging, and other pleasure crafts in Scarborough Harbour.  There are more general views of fun on the beach and games in the park.  Everyone is fully clothed throughout the film; it looks chilly. 

Intertitle:  ‘We had a show but as the camera couldn’t see the chorus . . . here they are’   

In a line and holding up their skirts, women dancers perform a can-can dance on a stage.  The women then pose outside for the camera, and there is a photograph of them displaying their backsides. 

The film then switches briefly to the night-time and a bonfire, before returning to the day time and children in fancy dress.  

Intertitle:  ‘Other events were missed through lack of film . . . but two events we did not miss:  Skipper and Sporty’   

Two men pose for the camera.  The film then returns to the NALGO flag which was flying at the beginning. 

The End