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NEFA 21285



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This amateur film documents a Catholic wedding, believed to have taken place at St Aidan’s Catholic Church, Benton, Newcastle upon Tyne, and a reception at a convent following the ceremony. This film is part of the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA) collection.

Guests arrive for a wedding. The church is St Aidan’s Catholic Church at the corner of Coach Lane and Front Street in Benton, Newcastle upon Tyne. The groom and best man arrive, followed by the elderly priest, more guests, and the three bridesmaids carrying bouquets. The bride’s car turns down Coach Lane, a young boy racing along the opposite pavement on a toy scooter. 

A photographer poses the father with the bride, who is still seated in the car. She gets out and her father walks her to the church. A photographer has a serious discussion with them outside the church.

Inside St Aidan’s, a modern wooden interior, the wedding ceremony takes place led by the elderly priest. The footage includes many parts in the order of the rite for celebrating marriage during mass, including the priest’s greeting, hymns sung, prayers and readings, exchange of vows, blessing and exchange of rings, the nuptial blessing, and communion. After the ceremony the couple and bridal party prepare to process out of the church.

The newly married couple leave the church via a corrugated iron temporary building (?). They pose for photographs. Perhaps unusually, at least four photographers are present after the wedding. Group portraits are taken.

The married couple are showered with confetti as they leave the church grounds. The guests wave as they drive away. The guests gather informally after the wedding and chat.

The newly married bride and groom speak to a nun at the entrance to a church and convent. Several nuns are now gathered around the couple talking merrily. Five photographers are snapping pictures in the grounds of the convent. A nun is chatting with the photographers. The bride and groom pose for photographs in the convent grounds. The nuns chat to the bride’s mother and father. The bride poses for a group portrait with the three bridesmaids who are now at the convent. The bride and groom are posed by a photographer. The guests and couple pose for photographs. Then, all start to go indoors.

The married couple pose with a 3-tier iced wedding cake at the wedding reception, which appears to be in the convent. The nuns are also gathered at the table.