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YFA 4671



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This film is made by pupils at Newman School, which is a special school for students with physical disabilities and medical conditions based in Rotherham. This film follows staff and students on a trip to Gerona, Costa Brava.

The film opens with the traveling group comprising of students and staff - all of whom wear light summer wear - posing for the camera and shouting, "Welcome to Gerona!" Set to up-tempo pop music, a montage features a student kisses a statue, an outdoor caf?'s lining a boulevard, a student telling the filmmaker what he thinks of Gerona and a panoramic view of the city. They then visit the Arab baths, where the same student says he wouldn't want to take a bath there. More views capture the group exploring the commercial districts and the old town, which features a segment as they walk along a castle wall.

The film continues with a trip to the fair, where a student knocks down all the cans at game stall, followed by view of the students enjoying the beach, shopping and messing around with their teachers. The film concludes with a student recommending the trip to anyone saying, "If you don't come you're missing out on a treat."