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YFA 1186



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This is a British Movietone Newsreel (vol 7 no.364), showing a Marbles Contest held at the Cooperative Hall, Castleford on April 21st 1936 in aid of the local hospital.

Title-Marbles Match at Castleford in aid of hospital is great success-British Movie tone News.

The film opens in a hall with an announcer surrounded by a crowd of men. On his right are the members of Castleford Council and on his left are members of Castleford's Fed Up Club which includes Bill Furness and the Mayor complete with his Mayoral chains. They all smile and laugh at the camera.

The announcer then introduces Councillor J.P. Slagg? The Mayor of Pontefract. The speaker gives the Mayor a marble so that he can start the competition. He goes to the wooden board and tosses the marble onto it and everyone cheers. The competition is being held at the Co-Operative Ballroom in at Castleford.

Next to play is Bill Furness who licks the marble and tosses it onto the wooden board. The voice over says that everyone is wearing their glad rags and some people are even wearing spats. There are close-up shots of the marbles and then two of the men start joking and chatting although it is hard to hear what they are saying.