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This is a film of the Castleford Carnival of 1963; from the start of the Carnival, through the streets of Castleford and ending with a fireworks display.

Opening Credits - EB Productions Present

May 1963 - Boldly and Sincerely - Carnival Time in Castleford

Floats for the Carnival are assembled at Castle field prior to judging. They depart from various places in Castleford and terminate at Queens Park. The floats make their way off, including one for Castleford Iron Works, and one made up as a boat, 'Bellamy'. There are also some smart cars. A group of people disembark from a coach, which has some small girls in pink, part of the May Queen escort. There is a float for Tetley brewery at Leeds, another from St Joseph's School on the theme of St Augustine introducing Christianity. Another, pulled by an old tractor engine, is for the 'Roaring Twenties'. There is a Boys Scouts float representing different countries; a float for Premium Bonds, and one for Hightown C.E. School with Another school float has children dressed up as Robin Hood's merry men, and one for 'Lady Betty Hastings' Orphanage'.

A man walks around with a microphone, with radio equipment strapped to his back. Fearnly's truck has past cups and models of steam traction engines displayed on it; another is for Allinson's whole flour bread. One of the women judges walks past with her clipboard. Another float is for 'Newbould's Farm Produce'. There is a float with a country pop band on it and one for 'Andrea School of Dancing' with children dressed as black and white minstrels.

The May Queen float moves off, advertising the Annual Pram Race for July 21st. There is a very long, 200 foot, caterpillar like creature. Organisers consult with the police while spectators look on. Children are dressed up as Stone Age people on a float for Fryston 'Workman's Home Coal Scheme'. Another float has children dressed as Vikings; one for Queen Boadicea (spelt 'Bodaecia'); and another St John's Priory. There are many other floats with children dressed up representing various historical scenes. One float has elderly women dressed as Quakers from 1680. A man goes by on a horse dressed as a highway robber. A man dressed as a Viking goes around the crowd with a collecting tin.

As the procession makes its way, the Salvation Army Band waits for its place. The Mayor, Councillor Jack Smart, is driven past in a large open top car, followed by the May Queen, and the Fire brigade. Among the crowd watching is a man dressed in Arab costume.

Eventually, having fully formed, the carnival sets out down a wide main street, headed by a marching Army Brass Band. The rest of the Carnival follows, including a miner with a pit pony. There are lots of floats, one for 'Architects'. There is a Tetley horse and cart, a van for the grocer's Stanley Hirst. A large crowd is stood in front of Castleford Garage Ltd. Watching as various uniformed groups march past, followed by their floats, including the Girls' Life Brigade. The film switches back and forth between the floats and the spectators. Then comes the long 'caterpillar'. Again there are large crowds lining the pavements outside the Midland Bank, 'Blakes' shop and the Electricity Board shop, watching the floats that the film has shown earlier, including many local businesses. Some of the floats give out free goods to the crowd. More spectators are stood outside the Co-operative as some student floats go by. One float contrasts present living at home, using modern electrical appliances, with the non-electrical past.

As the crowds in the City Centre disperse, a man in pyjamas drives a vehicle with a large drum in order to collect money. The film shows some of the local road signs, including Beancroft Road. As the Carnival heads out of Castleford centre into a housing estate there are more floats shown, including one from the Parks Dept. and one on 'The Magic of Storyland'. The children watching from the pavement get excited as the Carnival approaches, including again the 200 foot long 'caterpillar', led by a woman in 'hotpants'. Then comes the float for 'Queen Bodaecia', being transported on the lorry of J. Schietaert, 'Fruit and Vegetables', and the 'Boys Modern School' dressed as Robin Hood's men. A crowd of children follow the Allinson's truck trying to get free hand-outs. Next comes several trendy women sat on a very sporty Hillman Coupe being transported on the back of a lorry. This is followed by a float collecting for 'Cancer Relief', and Hightown C.E. School with their 'Past/Present' theme contrasting 1863 with 1963, followed by a small motorcycle display and the 'pop' band, waving to the camera.

There are very large crowds for the final stage of the Carnival, as it ends up in Queens Park, where there is a fair, and a fireworks display in the evening.

The End