Film ID:
YFA 1879



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This is a film showing the old Castleford’s Wholesale Fruit and Veg Market in Sheffield.  The market is busy at work prior to its closure.  The film also contains footage of it being demolished before showing its new replacement at Parkway.

The film begins showing a poster by Sheffield Markets Department, declaring the Closure of Wholesale Fruit and Veg Market, Saturday, 4th November, 1961.  The old market is shown across a busy street, as cars, buses, and lorries pass by.  Opposite are various market holders, such as T. Hastings, W Cumberlidge and Sons and Albert Elbow, facing towards Exchange Street and Victoria Station.  Market workers push trolleys loaded with crates, and they load the crates onto vans.  Inside one of the market holders, two lorries are being unloaded.  Also lorries are parked outside F E Snowden.  One elderly worker pushing a trolley has a bad leg.  The market is filmed from various vantage points.  A policeman in a white coat directs traffic in the street outside of Thoms. Button.  A lorry is stacked high with crates outside of Len Cornthwaite’s.  Another lorry backs into a market holder opposite Proctor and Bush.

The Market is shown again from further away, across busy roads and a car park.  Later, the Market is now almost derelict except for a few cars.  At a slightly later date, the large Market is now only a steel and glass shell, with workers in the process of demolishing it, with some boys watching.

There is a sign for the new ‘Wholesale Market’.  There is a large shiny new building behind a wall, guarded by a security gate, with the gatekeeper propped against a barrier.  This is next to a sign which reads, ‘Beware Patrol Dogs'.  Inside the Market, men move wheelbarrows in front of a large car park.  A motorised trolley passes by as lorries are unloaded and vans are loaded.  Two young men each take a trolley loaded with crates and bags of potatoes to their van.  A sack falls off one of the overloaded trollies.  Sacks are piled up outside of K D Bramhill market holder.  The film ends with a security guard patrolling accompanied by a German Shepherd dog.