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YFA 1765



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This is a film made by made by Derrick Walton of a Steam Fair at Castle Howard on 17th June, 1967.  A commentary has been added to explain the various different types of steam engines.

The film begins with visitors passing through the turnstiles leading into the Steam Fair on a sunny day.  Inside there is a Pat Collins music organ and fairground rides.  Derrick Walton’s two children, Adrian and Gillian, get an ice cream each and wander around with their mother looking at the exhibits on display.  These include many traction engines which, circle the field and then line up.  Walton goes on a slide with his daughter, filming as he slides down.  He also goes on a carrousel.  There are many other rides.  They go up on the big wheel, which he also films from on board.  The film comes to an end as a man is trying his hand at the strongman hammer.