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YFA 3591



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This is the second film of events at Castle Howard Reformatory after the Second World War.  It shows two school open days, with gymnastics and sports, working on the school farm and a cadet display.

Title – City and County of Kingston upon Hull Castle Howard School
Photographed by G R H Wright

The film begins with a couple of boys walking along a country road towards a group of school houses, followed by tractor pulling a wagon with three boys in it.  The boys make a pile of hay with pitchforks and put freshly dug up potatoes through a mechanical sieve.  Others spread manure over the ground with shovels, and the potatoes are put into sacks and weighed.

In the school gym, some of the boys have a game of basketball.  Outside other boys are cutting a large hedge.

Intertitle – Open Day

Outside in the school playing fields boys are doing an exercise display in front of parents and teachers.  Part of the display involves activities using long logs, including climbing them.  There is then a long distance race, with a close up of the winner.  Next is a race involving crawling under a large sheet and dipping ones head into a bucket.  One of the boys shows the egg he has retrieved in this fashion in his mouth.  The boys next have to open a suitcase and put on women’s and adult’s clothing, with close ups of some of the children watching. A pony trots across a nearby field.

The film switches to the farm, where a tractor is pulling a harvester with a teenage boy sat on it. Teenage boys stack the cut hay, load it onto wagons and then unloaded into one large pile.  A large rake pulled by a tractor collects up what is left.  This too is collected into a pile.

Intertitle – Another Open Day

Again we see the boy with the jackdaw on his shoulder.  The boys have various kinds of races, starting with one being done on tin cans attached to wires.  There is a relay race before a gymnastics display, with various exercises, and with the PE teacher giving a helping hand.  There are close ups of some of the adults and children watching, and of three boys taking a nap.  The boys show off some of their pets, including guinea pigs, baby owls, rabbits and puppies.

Intertitle – 2-15 pm Cadet Display and March past

The cadets march across the grounds of the school, with the Mayor, parents, and other schoolboys seated watching at the side, interspersed with images of cows and a dog.  There is a sign with an arrow pointing towards a P T Display, with boys running past.  Boys do various acrobatics on a climbing frame and ropes and then a display of physical exercises, some filmed in slow motion.  Two women watch with their babies and prams.  A boy has a test of driving a tractor around a field, followed by a football match, with two men on the side lighting their pipes. Some of the football is filmed in slow motion and speeded up.

Then boys carry a canoe down to a river and a man goes out on it, followed by one of the boys in another canoe.  Then the boys are back on the farm with a border collie and a tractor pulling a wagon full of sacks of potatoes.

The End