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YFA 5201



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This is a film of the Cass Family, in Selby, including the family at home and on holiday in Scarborough, various motoring events, and the launching of ships from Cochrane & Sons Shipbuilders.

The film begins with a man walking on the deck of the Salvonia salvation tug which is docked on the river at Selby.  The man waves to the camera.   A hose is being fed onto the ship, and a man climbs up the mast. 

A woman walks along besides the river, followed by a man, with the docks in the distance.  A girl in majorette uniform does a little routine for the camera. Another ship is launched, and gets tugged out. 

Selby Abbey is shown from the front and from the side.  Then there is motor cycle racing on Scarborough beach.

Back in Selby, in front of Bennett’s Cycle Depot, a procession passes with the banner for the Methodist Church Cowthorpe Sunday School, and a motorcycle and sidecar pass by.  In the background is a sign for R Gotch, cycle repairs. 

A steam engine (2935) passes, and a man turns towards the cine camera with a camera of his own.  He takes a picture of the cine cameraman filming him.  Then two men pull a cart along a street laden with timber, followed by a man on a motorcycle.  The Coronation train passes being pulled by the Mallard, and with the last coach streamlined and with ‘Coronation’ written on it.

Then two men hack at a large pile of what looks like root vegetables, possibly beetroot.  This is followed by a small girl and a woman getting a ride on a barrow in their back garden and then skipping.  A bearded man sits indoors with a young boy.  

A group of people are on the coast where they look at some small boats at sea.  One of them is a pleasure boat, the Princess Marina, which carries sightseers.  Another passenger train is filmed going past being pulled by an A4 steam engine, followed by a brief shot of a miniature train.  A small girl sits underneath a parasol, a boy looks at a budgie in a cage and a man performs a card trick for the camera.  Four women and a girl are out walking, some of them filmed close up.  Yet another A4 striped streamlined Gresley passes (LMS 6224, Princess Alexandra).

Using a small pair of scissors, a man gives a dog a haircut. Two women give it a scrub in a bucket, after which the dog joins the family in the garden, along with another dog.  Then a man is doing some maintenance to a motorbike, and a woman gets a blow dry and finishes with a wavy hairdo. 

Next is a carnival procession through Selby, with a boy dressed as a Native American on the back of a float.  Then there is a motorcycle display team giving a performance of trick riding in a school field. 

Two women climb up to a tower on a hill.  A man walks past the camera holding the hand of a boy.  They are joined by three women as the boy runs around the grounds of the country house they are visiting.  This is followed by a man fishing in a river, and a ship, King Sol (ASW trawler), is launched (7 Jul 1936) sideways and is pulled by a long line of men with a rope along the river.

The last section of the film shows cars doing slaloms in the school field, with one of the drivers blindfolded.  This is followed by a display of vintage cars, and the film comes to an end after some slides showing the coat of arms of South Africa, Canada, India, Australia and New Zealand, followed by a picture of King George VI.