Film ID:
YFA 5195



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This is a compilation film of weddings and family outings, including the day that the Queen Mother visited Selby.

The film begins with a crowd stood outside Selby Abbey waiting for the Queen Mother (in 1976).  A car drives by (reg. AJ1 – Senior Police?).  They watch as a red helicopter takes off over the rooftops.  Pam and a woman (mother?) and Mick look around the tents on display at Worsley.  A narrow boat comes by on a canal. Then there is a Red Arrow air display followed by racing at Rufforth (1976). 

Next Mick is in his garden cutting grass with a pair of shears.  A woman (his wife?) joins him and walks off down the road.  A small girl, Nicola, waves some flowers she has picked with a woman (his mother?), at Astely (1975).  Next Mick is wiping down the engine of his cherry red mini, while sitting next to him is a man with a camera (1975).  Nicola and another child play in the garden.  Bryan and Roy leave the house, and Roy drive along the M63, filmed from the front of his car. 

The film switches to a wedding (Ougorman’s, 1974), with bridesmaids and the bride’s mother waiting by the church door.  The bride arrives with her father, posing for photographs before going in.  Then the newlyweds lead the guests out of the church before being driven away in their chauffer driven car.   Next Ethal and Nicola are walking down a road near the home of the Hemingways.

The film moves on to a cricket match at Chester.  Pam gives some money to an elderly man with an accordion and drums busking in a street in Chester.  Pam, Mick and man with camera wander around by the River Dee at Chester, near the iron foot bridge.  They have a game of bowls, before walking around the streets of Chester. 

Next Mick is in his garage rebuilding his car engine, cleaning parts.  They are next at an airfield where a red twin-winged light aircraft (G-AOJH) takes off and lands.  Following this, they are next looking in shops on Micklegate, York, and then walking around the city walls.  Then a Lotus PLUS 2 (reg. XWU875G) is shown driving down country roads.

It’s sports day at Nicola’s junior school, and the day includes sack races and ‘wheelbarrow’ races (1976).  Then there is a wedding (Hemingway’s?), with family and other guests arriving in the rain.  The bride arrives being protected by two gentlemen holding umbrellas.  The newlyweds stand in the church doorway, the groom in uniform.  Two small bridesmaids lead the guests in a procession from the church, and they pose for photographs.  The newlyweds drive off in their waiting car.  Finally, Roy’s big valve Lotus Europa S1 (reg. SRF 672L) is filmed on the road and from the front passenger seat, and the film comes to an end.