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YFA 5193



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Part of the Cass Collection, this compilation features footage from Selby including a fire at the Ideal Flour Mill, the removal of the Market Cross and the launch of a ship, as well as three weddings and two local cricket matches.

The film begins with a group of people walking through the streets of York, including the Shambles, taking pictures.  They watch a play, possibly being performed in the Minster Gardens, possibly Romeo and Juliet.  They visit Rowntree Park with the statue of Mercury in among flower beds.  Two women walk along Micklegate, where there is an old agricultural cart decorated with flowers on a divide in the middle of the road, and then come down the steps of a stately home.

The film moves on to a wedding at the Church of St John the Evangelist at Moor, Allerton (Ottey’s?).  The bride arrives with her father, and they pose for pictures.  After the service the choirboys and vicar emerge from the church. They are followed by the newlyweds who pose for photographs with the bridesmaids and other guests.  There are more photographs taken at the reception, and finally the couple drive off in their decorated car. 

An older couple are standing by a fence with a power station in the distance.  They then walk along a street and going into a supermarket.  Next they get into a car with a young woman (Pat?).  Three women and two girls walk along a road, and Bryan, along with other family members, arrives home in his green mini.  They are followed by another green mini with family members.  Then a couple of newlyweds are kissing for the camera and getting into their wedding car.  (Cavan’s wedding?) 

Another couple walk along a street, and some workmen are dismantling the traffic island in Selby where the Market Cross used to be.  The Market Cross is then shown being reassembled in the park.

The next section features a wedding (Pam’s?), with the bride arriving with her father.  They pose for photos before entering the church.  Following the service, the newlyweds emerge from the church and pose for more photographs.  They lead a procession of the wedding guests from the church, and the guests through confetti over the couple as they get into their waiting car.  Guests stand chatting outside the reception, and again outside a house. 

A christening takes place.  (Barrie’s John’s?).  A couple with two identically dressed girls get into their car, and the newly baptised baby is held for the camera.

Ideal Flour Mill, has gone up in a blaze, and the fire can be seen burning away at night.  It is then shown after the fire is out, with the buildings in a derelict state.  The sign for it reads: “Yorkshire’s Ideal Flour Mill Ltd.”  A group of people have come to look at it with fire engines still in attendance.

The film moves to an event which has a miniature train ride for children, followed by repairs being made to the old timber toll bridge at Selby, with the Swan Inn in the background.

Another wedding is filmed.  (Terry O’Neil’s?)  The newlyweds walking back down the isle of the church, and outside, they pose for photographs.  They are next cutting the wedding cake at the reception.  Then a rock is shown (Harold’s Garden Plaque?) with the words carved into it: “Cass 19 July 1958”, and then another rock has carved on it:
"The kiss of the sun for pardon,
The song of the bird for mirth,
One is nearer God's heart in a garden
Than anywhere else on earth." (from Dorothy Frances Gurney’s ‘God’s Garden’)

The Cross Stone is shown having been erected in a park at Selby. This is followed by the launch of the stern trawler Ross Implacable at Cochrane’s Shipyard (in 1968).  Workmen are hoisted aboard in a crate by a large crane.

Cricketers are running the rolling over the cricket pitch at Brayton, followed by some cricketing action.  Several batsmen are shown, at both ends, including, first up, Bryan being bowled out.  Back at Bryan’s house, Pam gets into their car (reg. JVY 980E) with several other women carrying various bags, and arrive at another house (Easterley Road at Cawood?).  The film finishes with another cricket match on another ground, showing quite a bit of the action.