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YFA 5191



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Part of the Cass collection, this film captures a number of family events and days out over several years.  Included are a wedding, a visit to Hull, the Ross Gala at Grimsby, and a trip to Bournemouth. 

The film begins with Bryan, Roy, and Fred playing golf, or trying to.  Following this is a line of fishing vessels out at sea.  A group of people are sitting on a wall with the sea behind them, including, as well as Bryan, Roy and Fred, Jim Barr and Josie.  One of the women is holding a white poodle.  Roy and his wife are holding their baby.  A back loading fishing vessel is moored in Hull.  A group of men stand on an iron bridge.  The film then travels down on a boat on the River Hull and is pulled into the Humber by a barge, ‘Keelham, Hull’. 

The next section is a car journey, the footage being filmed from the front seat.  The journey is possibly to Bridlington and Sewerby.  They are next in a café and a wildlife park with kangaroos.  Bryan gets into his car, a Triumph Herald, and an elderly couple get into theirs.  Some people are out shopping, possibly Harold at Queensgate.

The film switches to show Jodrell Bank telescope in the distance.  Then Harold is peering into his pond in his back garden.  He has made a glass wall so that the fish can be seen from the side.  A woman, probably his wife, comes out and takes a look.  They are then seated indoors.  A strange tall building is shown in the distance, followed by a church. 

There are boats moored in Bridlington harbour.  A group of women are walking on the sea front.  Then an elderly couple are in their garden examining the flowers.  This is followed by Roy and Fred walking in a park in Huddersfield.  Then Bryan, an older man and a woman are eating dinner at Ethel’s.  Then a cargo ship is being launched and is taken by tug [the words “Sugar Beet” are written on the film packet.] 

The next part of the film features the Ross Gala at Grimsby, with a RAF helicopter rescue demonstration.  This is followed by a girl’s synchronised routine involving hula hoops, followed by Bryan and a boy go kart racing at Hornsey. 

Bryan and his future wife attend a wedding with other guest (Bryan Shooters Wedding?).  The bride and her father arrive at the small church or chapel, and the newlyweds emerge at the end of the ceremony.  They are followed by the bridesmaids and other guests, and the couple pose for the camera. Then Bryan and his future wife stroll around a garden (possibly already married – 1969?).  Two elderly men and a woman sit on a bench as a boat comes into a harbour, possibly Bridlington.

At “The World’s most unique shell garden” in Southbourne, Bournemouth, there is a flower bed display in Poole to commemorate 60 years of the Scouts (1907-1967).  There is also one which states, “Hello Noddy”, with Noddy houses.  There is also one for “Lions International 1917-1967”.  Next children take a ride on a miniature railway while others feed ducks in a pond.  A group of people board a coach and they drive through a city.  Two women emerge from Chatfield Hotel in Bournemouth.  People board a ferry at Lymington Pier for the Isle of White.  They continue their coach journey on the island.  They then take a boat ride, passing through Southampton docks, passing large ships such as the Himalaya.  A hovercraft passes close to them.  They disembark from the boat and are next sunning themselves on a beach near a pier.

They drive through open countryside before heading back to a beach, possibly at Poole.  Again they go off on a coach tour, passing through villages and an ancient ruin up on a hill, before ending back on a beach.  Two young couples look to choose a garage.  A woman comes out of a house, and there is a brief glimpse of a wedding before the film comes to an end.