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NEFA 21643



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An amateur film by Betty Cook of the Cleveland Cine Club of the Lowther Horse Driving Trials and Country Fair taking place at Lowther Castle near Penrith in Cumbria that features HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Title: Carriage Driving at Lowther Castle

The film opens showing a temporary wooden road sign that reads ‘Lowther Driving Trials and Country Fair. 4th and 5th August’.

General views around the country fair show a large number of cars parked in a field and people walking around a number of trade marquees including ‘The Tack Room of Cumbria’.

The film cuts to show views of a decorated carriage. A betting board cuts to show a sign pointing to various locations around the fair.

On the showground a number of horses stand waiting while in front of the crowd dogs and their owners walk up and down in front of spectators sitting on a hillside. As part of the Lowther Hound Show a number of dogs are looked over by judges with their owners standing beside them.

A brief shot of a horse and carriage follows as it drives across the showground cuts to a pair of hands opening a programme for an event and turning to the map at the back.

Out on the race circuit a number of two and four horse drawn carriages complete the course at speed.

A brief view of Lowther Castle changes to show a queue of people buying food from a van.

Two riders in red riding jackets and helmets drink a toast. Sitting on deck chairs beside their car two men, including Arthur Cook, and a woman enjoy a picnic.

Behind a rope barrier spectators watch as another four horse drawn carriage speeds around the course intercut with views of a dog and people enjoying the fair. Laying on the ground Arthur Smith relaxes while beside him sitting on a portable chair is the man seen previously at the picnic looking through a set of binoculars. General views show other horse and carriages speeding around the course including that of Prince Philip.

A notice on a blackboard reads ‘Country Fair Results’ Below the heading one of the names on the boards reads HRH Prince Philip

The film ends with the fair over and people making their way home.

Title: The end