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YFA 5880



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This is a film from the collection of Stanley Carr, who lived at Poplar Farm, East Heslerton, near Malton, with his wife Enid and daughter Janet.  This has been filmed over several years, including film on the farm, film in Sherburn, with what looks like visiting care nurses, tobogganing in the snow and a holiday in Scotland.

(B&W) The film begins with several girls riding bicycles down a country lane. They arrive at a farm with chickens and pigs, and stroke a horse.  They then sit down in a garden with a woman having tea and sandwiches and fruit juice.  They are joined by a dog and a man.  They go off again on.    

(Colour)  Two women come out of a house in a nurse’s (?) uniform, followed by another woman.  The three women visit another house with an elderly woman, and the two uniformed women visit another elderly couple.  Some people are walking in the grounds of a church.  The women are at a seaside village, and are then seen, out of uniform, in a caravan parked outside a house on St Hilda’s Street Sherburn, opposite the East Riding Hotel, with the ‘Enterprise’ written on it and with a logo of map of Britain over the outline of a person.  Two other women arrive, walking arm-in-arm, followed by more women.  Then four small girls arrive holding hands.  Two women, two children and a dog are in a garden in spring, with wasps and tulips in the flower beds. There is a double rainbow.  The puppy is joined by another dog in a field with cows and lambs.  A tractor ploughs a field, and sheep are rounded up by a sheep dog.  A dog chews on a bone as a cat walks past.  More cows and a horse chasing a dog. There are butterflies on flowers.  A man mows the lawn.  

The film switches to two young women pulling sledges up a hill covered in late snow and tobogganing down, chased by a dog. 

(1956) In the field the lambs are feeding form their mothers. The snow is deep over the farms.  Two dogs play in the snow in the garden, and three men arrive with shovels.  A bicycle lies abandoned.  One of the dogs has a dead hare.

Now summer, a woman slides down a very large hay stack.  A kitten runs about at the bottom, and there is a litter of pups in a barn, playing near the sacks of manure and animal feed.  A group of men gather with shot guns, one with a bullet belt.       

A couple are lying on blankets next to a caravan in a field with their dog.  A man is fishing in a river before diving in for a swim, followed by his dog.  Nearby two women make tea.  The man is next fishing on a wider stretch of the river.  People, cars and a chip van pass through the village of Ullapool in Scotland, with the clock tower in the background.  A van drives past with ‘Chips’ written on it. Two women are having a picnic at the side of a country road sat next to their car.  

(1957) They cross a small ferry and look out at a rough sea.  They take a boat ride on the ‘Lochbroon’. There is a sunset, and salmon leap out of a river as the film comes to an end.