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YFA 3679



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This film features footage of the Carnival King and Queen, procession floats, and people in fancy dress. This film also features footage which can be found in Stanley and District Hospital Carnival. It is likely that these two films are pieces of the final film made by Atkins and screened at the Stanley Picture House.

The film opens with carnival floats. Many of them are intricately decorated with flowers. People are gathered together and pose for the camera. Most of them are in fancy dress. The film has more footage of the various floats and all the townspeople who have turned out for the event.

There is a brief scene of a family in their back garden. A small child plays outside, and there are also scenes of other members of the family.

Back at the carnival, a man tries to climb a large pole, but he doesn't get very far. Another form of entertainment is a large motorized swing ride which has been set up.

A brass band leads the procession featured in the Stanley and District Hospital Carnival film. As the procession passes, the crowd this disperses. There are more shots of some of the floats as well as a children's foot race. Spectators have been roped off on either side of the race, and they cheer the children on.

The film ends back at the family house in the back garden where members of the family pose for the camera in their fancy dress.