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YFA 1553



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This is a film which includes family scenes as well as a wedding in Carlisle during the late 1920s.

The film opens with the children playing in the back garden. They have a family picnic, and later dad cuts the grass with a lawnmower.

There is a race car parked in the street, and a few men stand around examining the engine and different parts of the race car.

Winter has arrived and there is a large amount of snow coving the house-lined street. Some of the residents can be seen shovelling their way out.

Title - Wasn't that funny? And just to show there's no trick in it, we'll do it again.

Here, in a moment of trick photography, a dropped a broken cup leaps back up and puts itself back together.

Title - Little Rae can you do this?

Again, using trick photography, the child jumps back from the ground onto a high chair.

Title - Don't you try it or you'll hurt yourself.

One of the children appears on film, and through a double exposure, appears to become identical twins. There is also additional trick photography in this portion of the film.

The next portion of the film is of a wedding in Carlisle. The newlyweds come out of the church, get into a car, and drive off to the reception. Inside the reception, all of the guests are seated at a very long table. The couple then cuts the wedding cake to begin the festivities at the Viaduct Hotel. At the end of the reception, the couple exits by car.

The final portion of the film features motorboats and a small child in a life jacket riding around.