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YFA 3896



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Made by Reverend Underwood, this film captures the events of the annual Carleton Gala.  It includes footage of the floats, procession, and all those who turned out in fancy dress. 

Title – A Priestman film [picture of a priest wearing a blue coat, glasses and a hat holding a bible and an umbrella.]

Title – Gala.  [These scenes are of Skipton. It is at the entrance to the Yorkshire Dales.]

A car drives through the town of Skipton, past a church and monument on the middle of the roundabout.  Next to the church is a river, and there is also a stone bridge which passes overr the river.  People walk past the long boats that are moored on the canal opposite residential houses.  There are also other townspeople who walk down the high street past travel and clothes shops (Your Local Travel Agent – Menswear).  A man looks in the window of a shop with columns supporting the roof (China and Glass Open).  People stand underneath the bandstand in the town centre.

Title – Not far away is the village Carleton-in-Craven.

Large trees cover the fronts of stone houses.  A country lane runs alongside the edge of the woodland, and the village church overlooks the playing field which has swings and a slide.

Title – Back in 1969, the villagers decided to hold a gala… They felt it would deepen their sense of community and raise money for good causes.  This is what happened on the day… Getting ready for the Opening Procession.

A group of children in fancy dress stand with their mother.  A boy is dressed as Charlie Chaplin, and teenage girls wear hippy and punk clothes.  A boy dressed as a clown rides on the back of a horse wearing a hat, and a girl in a wheel chair is dressed as Britannia. 

A man starts up a traction engine in the streets, and mothers stand at their front doors.  There is a boy dressed as Robin Hood and a boy carrying a guitar.  Crowds of people wearing fancy dress costumes walk about the streets in the village.  By the stone wall are three girls dressed in Hawaiian grass skirts and flower wreaths, and a boy is dressed as an astronaut holding an American flag.  A brass band marches through the streets lined with people.  Two men ride down the street on the back of the traction engine.  All of the children wearing fancy dress walk down the main street in a parade child dressed as a robot, Victorian couple.  Two children lead a pony pulling a cart with a boy sitting in the back.  A boy in a blue jacket and hat rides on a donkey with a hat on, and a teenage boy who dressed as an Arab rides a horse through the street.  A blue tractor rides through the streets pulling a red gypsy caravan.  Children give money to a woman with a blue charity bucket.  The procession carries on with the brass band as it marches down the residential street and is followed by the traction engine and the children in fancy dress.  The procession ends in a large field.

Two girls in brownie uniforms ride on the merry-go-round with other children.  A man kneels down next to a toddler dressed as a boxer, and the Hawaiian girls stand in a row.  A woman in a blue dress works on a stall, and four boys stand at a table playing a coin game.  Three women sit on deck chairs at a stall.  A girl dressed as a gypsy and carrying an ice cream walks out of the caravan, and there is a girl in a blue dress who goes down the slide.  A man in a yellow dress walks across the field, and men dressed as babies and women stand in a row in the arena in front of a row of prams.  The men dressed as babies get into the prams, and the men dressed as women race them across the arena.  Women wearing football kits walk into the arena.

Title – Yes – stick figure picture of a tug of war match.

Two teams of men take part in a tug of war match.  Later, women play a football match in the arena.  Two boys knock each other off a log with pillows, and children line up at the ice cream stand.  The women’s football match:  the women’s football team in yellow shirts pose together.  A group of men and women dancers in bright costumes walk into the arena and perform for the crowds.  They are followed by Morris dancers.  Finally, men take it in turns to catapult a sack over a ladder.

Title – At the end of the event it was regarded as successful.  It went on for many years afterwards.

Title – The End [picture of a priest wearing a blue coat, glasses and a hat holding a bible and an umbrella]