Film ID:
YFA 1952



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Made by Bradford University, this film shows an open day for prospective students at Bradford University.

The film begins with a coach (Ashton’s Travel) arriving at the University and prospective the students entering the University, followed by two more coach loads of students.  They mingle in the reception looking at the display boards for the various subjects, with lecturers on hand offering information.  A group of them watch a small TV screen.  Some students look around the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department.  They continue to look around the display boards, including Peace Studies and Social Analysis, before moving to a lecture theatre where they watch twin flickering TV sets.  Again students can be seen in the reception area talking to the course tutors.  There are close-ups of more of the boards, including Environmental Sciences, showing course entry requirements, course structure and eventual career opportunities.  The film ends showing the Pharmacy board.