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YFA 2354



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This amateur film was made by a Wakefield based businessman and contains footage from a variety of different sites in Yorkshire including Scarborough, Bridlington and Butlin's Holiday Camp at Filey.

The film opens with a shot of a main road along a promenade in Blackpool; the tower is visible in the background. There is a small windmill along the sea front and a sign which reads `Blackpool and Fylde Show' and then camera pans along to take in a street tram, the buildings and the crowds of people.

There are shots of amusements with models of dinosaurs, Noah's Ark and the animals. The family walk past some cafes and the South Pleasure Beach theatre. Following this is a shot of the family sitting on the beach eating ice cream and paddling in the sea.

Next section is in colour.

There are shots of the children's paddling pool which is situated in an enclosure of carved stone walls overlooking the sea. There are lots of tall, stone pillars and a stone shelter just at the side of the water.

There are more shots of the Noah's Ark exhibition, amusements, stalls with games and prizes, and shots of the walkway between all of the stalls and games.

There are night-time illuminations including shapes of horses, carts and windmills.

There is a Viking ship on display along the promenade; a sign beside it reads `Daily Mail Viking Ship Hugin'. Another sign informs the visitors that the illuminations will be bigger and better. This is followed by night-time shots of a car driving along the promenade below the illuminations; there is a long sequence of shots of illuminations.

Title-Whitby Harbour.

Some shots are taken from the hill looking down onto the town, the harbour walls and the sea.

Title-Scenes of Scarborough Photographed by F.Wilkinson.

There are shots taken from the beach panning all the way along the seafront and taking in a picture house/theatre, the Grand Hotel and houses. Then there is a shot from the hill looking down onto the town.

Title-Italian Gardens

This section is in black & white.

There are several shots of the gardens.

Title-South Bay Bathing Pool.

There are shots, taken from a distance away, looking down onto the huge enclosed fresh water pool.

Title-North Bay

This section is in colour.

There is a shot of a pointed stone tower and archway on the seafront and then shots of the Wilkinson family walking up the steps along the cliff with a panning shot of the bay. There are shots of the crowds of people on the beach.

Title-North Bay Bathing Pool.

This section is black and white.

There are shots of people of all ages swimming, walking around the seating area, playing on the waterslide and diving from high boards. Following this is a brief shot of the family in a park posing for the camera.

Title-Open air theatre.

A medieval set has been constructed in the open air theatre, and the camera pans along to capture the size of it.

Title-North Bay Miniature Railway.

There are point of view shots taken from the train as it drives along the tracks and takes in the sights of Scarborough.

Title-Scenes of Filey, photographed by F. Wilkinson.

There is a sign for `Butlin's Holiday Camp' and the camera pans to the right to show the camp buildings and grounds. Following this are shots of a group of women walking along beside a pool and standing in a line for the crowd of spectators; they are taking part in a beauty competition. Following this are shots of men and women climbing around in the large fountain.

Title-Primrose Valley.

(Primrose Valley Caravan Park which is now part of the Haven Holidays Group)

Some women sit on a beach with their children and in another shot a few men run into the sea. This is followed by some shots of chalets and a caf?/shop that are situated on the grass near the beach.

This section is in colour.

There are more shots of the sea and coast taken from a hilltop and looking down. Following this are shots of the campsite and the many caravans that are parked there.

Title-Scenes of Bridlington, photographed by F. Wilkinson.

This section is black and white.

There are shots of the town centre and of a crowded beach in Bridlington. Following this is a shot of a man in a miniature motor boat on a pond; a sign behind him reads `Parade Boating Pool'. There is a series of shots from around the beach front with people sitting on the seafront wall or walking along the promenade, people on the beach pushing prams, having donkey rides, sitting in cafes overlooking the sea and finally shots of ships in the harbour.

Some of the family take a trip around the harbour in a ferry.

This section is in colour.

Back in the campsite the family members play cricket; some of the older members come out of a chalet to watch.

This section is in black & white.

Some of the older people play with a dog.

This is in colour.

There are people in small boats on the boating pool, swimming in the sea and shots of the harbour. Following this are shots of the seafront, family members waving to the camera and a brief shot of them around town and then back at the camp site.

Title-A trip on the Yorkshireman 1947

In this section the family take a trip on the boat, smiling at the camera and looking out over the water at the coastline. There are some lingering shots of the coast and the sea taken from various section of the boat. A little girl walks along a bench towards the camera and this is followed by shots of the passengers walking off the boat and up onto the jetty.