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YFA 2361



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Made by a Wakefield-based businessman, this film documents his family caravanning holiday to Ulrome Sands.  The film features the family during their leisure time, playing on the beach, and scenes around the caravan park. 

The film opens with a man building a caravan in his back garden.  He is beginning to put the shell onto the wooden frame.  Later he puts on the finishing touches, painting the exterior with the aid of another man.  Finally he puts the door on.

Intertitle:  ‘A Caravan Holiday at Ulroam (sic) Sands 1948’ 

The caravan is attached to the back of a car and towed off.  It is next seen at Ulrome Sands along with other caravans and cars.  Inside the caravan the family sit to eat, and two boys and a girl walk along the shore to the caravan at dusk.  In the daytime, a group of boys and girls are out swimming in the sea.  Empty deckchairs are placed in front of the caravans, and people lay out on the beach.  Two boys play on a dinghy bouncing over the waves.  Groups of people are scattered around the beach, whilst just above them, others sit around the caravans taking in the sun. 

A woman wanders around the caravan, seemingly looking for something or someone.  Another woman, unsteady on her feet, is helped out of the caravan and sits on a stool.  A young girl paddles in the sea and joins her father in a dinghy before they get out and allow some boys to play in it. 

The film shows more of the cars and caravans which are parked nearby.   Back on the beach a couple of teenage boys have a race.  A man pushes a small net out into the sea possibly searching for crabs.  When he gets out a group of children gather around to see what he has got.  He puts his catch into a bucket. 

The family continue to play, sit and paddle on the beach and play in the dinghy.  A steam boat passes by and a seal pops its head out of the sea.  A man does some fishing in a dinghy, followed by a group taking out a much bigger dinghy.  Then a man rows a boat out with an outboard engine on it followed by another rowing boat. Two young children make sand castles, and the whole family poses for the camera in front of the caravan.

At a pub by a road, some of the family sit on a grass verge.  They come out of a church yard and walk past some old cottages.  There are some horses and a pony in a field.  Two women sit on the ground by the caravan looking out to sea at what seem like sailboats in the distance.  The film ends as a helicopter flies over a busy beach.