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YFA 2358



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This amateur film was made by a Wakefield-based businessman and captures a family holiday in Norfolk. There is footage of their caravans and campsite, as well as the sea and the town.

Two caravans pull up on the side of the road and then park in a car park. There are shots of the `Gordon Arms Hotel', Town Hall Maryland Cinema, and shots of the shops and pubs in a small town.

There are lots of caravans, tents and chalets at the `Bandfield' campsite; there are shots from a height looking down across the site. Following this are shots of five children sitting in the sand and smiling at the camera. There are more shots of the camp site and then a sweeping view of the almost empty beach.

There is a large fountain in the middle of a park and there are many children playing in it. Parents help some of them to wade through the water while older children climb up into the top of the fountain. Following this are a series of shots of the Wilkinson family walking in a park and examining the flowers; they also go on amusement rides and watch small boats being sailed on a tiny lake.

Following this is another point of view shot from the front of the car, looking onto the rear of the caravan ahead. There is a sign which reads `Norfolk Lavender' and the camera pans to the right to show the fields. There is a brief shot of one of the women walking past a kiosk with a sign for `Perfume Perfection'.

They go to another caravan park beside the sea, and there are shots of the site and of what appears to be a large war ship out to sea. Down on the beach the adults and children play together. This is followed by a series of shots of the sea, a windmill, a lighthouse and an old cottage.

A crowd of spectators line the edges of a canal and watch small boats sailing. There are a few shots of the family on the beach, the countryside and a sign for `Pleasure Beach' in Blackpool. A woman tries to row a boat on the enclosed lake and a man and two of the children sail around in a paddle boat. There are shots of the family walking around the amusement park and some of the children on the rides.

Following this are point of view shots from a boat as it sails along the Norfolk broads and shots of Yarmouth promenade and pier.