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Amateur travelogue of a family caravan holiday visiting Warwickshire, Cheddar Gorge in Somerset, Stratford-upon-Avon, and locations around Devon in the summer of 1933. This film is part of the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA) collection.

Title: Caravan Holiday

A woman gets into the back seat of a car, waiting outside her house. The car pulls off towing a caravan.

Title: 150 miles to the south we pass the picturesque road house of – Stonebridge.

General view of a mock Tudor, half-timbered restaurant and inn at a corner.

Title: Kenilworth with its castle, gatehouse, typical village green, and water splash.

General views follow of castle ruins and the Queen and Castle Hotel and village green. There are various shots of the caravan parked in locations around Kenilworth. The car and caravan drive through a ford, people watching from the pavement, probably intrigued by the camera filming.

Title: -Oh! And thatched cottages

Brief general view of thatched cottages.

Title: Arrived at Stratford-on-Avon, we look at the Market Place, Shakespeare’s birthplace and Memorial Theatre

General views of the market place, Shakespeare’s family home, and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Stratford-upon-Avon.

Title: We drive down the gorge into Cheddar noted for its caves and its cheese

General views and travelling shot through Cheddar Gorge, Somerset. Various shots follow of the village and the entrance to Cox’s Cave, a lock and stream, weir and river near the gorge, the picturesque pond and smoking chimneys in the sunlight at Cheddar, a small foot bridge near the waterfall, and the dramatic cliffs behind the village.

Title: Goodrington where we camped for a week

Various shots of a suntanned man walking up a lane, standing beside the caravan, the campsite, and a railway line running between the campsite and Goodrington bay on the Devon coastline.

The beach is full of people, strolling and relaxing. A boy paddles a coracle in the sea. A water slide in the sea is popular.

Title: These swans use the sea for a lake

A child feeds swans in the sea. General view of Goodrington bay and beach. A child plays with model boats in the sea. Some people are seated in a small sailing boat near the shoreline. Men and women play in the sea.

Various shots of the filmmaker’s family follow. Portrait shot of the filmmaker’s wife in an unusual sunhat. The family play beach ball in their swimsuits. The younger woman (daughter?) hops and skips on the sand.

Title: We had to work sometimes

At the campsite, the filmmaker’s son (?) carries a pail and large flask to collect water for breakfast. His mother shakes out a table cloth. The daughter is peeling potatoes at the doorstep of the caravan.

Title: This often followed

Shots follow of each of the family, including the filmmaker, flat out on the grass taking a nap.

Title: The seaside town of Dawlish has a river in the centre of the main street

The filmmaker’s daughter feeds swans on The Brook. General views of the town, marina and seafront. A suntanned man paddles a small boat on the sea, the beach busy with holiday makers. More general views follow of the marina and pier, and a palm tree-lined promenade.

Title: A duel in Torbay

Two elegant yachts with crew on deck sail off from Torbay.

Title: After a roadside meal we push on to Brixham, an old world fishing village.

The family picnic beside the car. Portrait shot of the filmmaker’s son, eating and winking at the camera.

The son and daughter stroll on the seafront and look at the boats moored there and the passage of a steam paddler. A trawler sails onto the beach.

Title: Further along the coast we come to Kingswear and Dartmouth

General view of a large steamer ship, a cruise ship and busy quayside, people queuing for the ships.

Title: Up – and Over

Swimming and diving contests take place at a seawater pool at Dartmouth, watched by a fair-sized crowd.

Title: A unique ferry

The Dartmouth Lower Ferry crosses the River Dart. General view of a large steamer ship and a few yachts at Dartmouth. The film cuts to a shot inside a car of someone driving.

Title: Plymouth

Various shots of the bathing pool and lido at Plymouth, people diving in and paddling. A tall diving platform overlooks the sea.

Title: The Sea Clovelly. A charming old village near the sea.

General shots of the picturesque village of Clovelly, people strolling along the steep, cobbled main street, including the filmmaker’s daughter.

Title: The last meal in the cider country

The family picnic at the roadside, including the filmmaker wearing his beret and round glasses.

Title: Prepared for anything!

The filmmaker walks to the caravan carrying an umbrella and a large bottle of cider.

Title: A pretty place to spend the night

The daughter dries pots at the door to the caravan. She waves across the field to camera. A close-up follows inside the travelling car of the driver. The car and caravan drive away, a sunset over the landscape.

Title: The End