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YFA 5240



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This is a film made by Harry Burgess, the owner of Thornton Mill in Thornton le Dale.  It shows scenes around Middlesbrough, baking and a York City football match at Bootham Crescent.

The film begins with a man entering Captain Cook’s School Room and Museum.  It then shows Roseberry Topping, a village and views over the moors.  There are potash mines and workers coming out of a large factory, possibly a steelworks, and getting on buses marked ‘Workmen’.  Then we see a colliery. A Burgess van is parked by the sea front at a small seaside resort, where a sailing boat is being backed into the sea by a tractor.  Further along the beach there is a playground, with children on boat swings.  The Burgess van pulls away past “Rea’s Creamy Ices shop”.  People are seated on benches along the sea front.

Elsewhere there is a steelworks in the distance.  Pedestrians and cars are transported across the River Tees on the Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough.  There is a view looking down from on top of the bridge, and from where can be seen the docks and factories.  A man (Mr Burgess?) walks along a street in Middlesbrough, and the Burgess van drives past the Town Hall where people are sat in the adjoining gardens.

The film moves on to a traction Rally at Thornton-le-Dale.  The steam traction engines do a tour of a field, watched by spectators.  They line up and have a race.

The next section of the film features a York City FC match where the players come out onto the field and line up for a photo shot.  A good deal of the match is filmed from behind one of the goals, including a goal by York City.  Many of the crowd are filmed at half-time.  In the second half the opposition, wearing blue shirts, white shorts and red and white socks, score from a penalty.  At the end of the match the players walk off.  A small boy wearing a York City football kit and holding a bag of Burgess Flour stands in front of a poster displaying the FA Cup 5th fixture of York City v Tottenham Hotspurs, from the previous season, and the cup final between Blackpool and Bolton.  [Back Row: Billy Fenton, Gordon Brown, George Howe, Tommy Forgan, Peter Wragg, Jim Cairney Front Row: Billy Hughes, Arthur Bottom, Ernie Phillips (capt), Ron Mollatt, Norman Wilkinson Goalscorer Norman Wilkinson and by process of elimination, it's likely the game is 2-1 win v Crewe Alexandra on 6th April 1957.]

The film moves on to a woman making a jam swiss roll sponge with Burgess self-raising flour and then some cheese scones using a Burgess cookery book.