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YFA 5944



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This is one of many films made by amateur filmmaker John (Jack) E Dyson of Leeds.  The film features a tram journey through Leeds as well as some work on widening the A1 near Boroughbridge.

The film starts showing the Devil’s Arrows, ancient stone obelisks, at Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire.  Bulldozers are at work clearing land to extend the A1.  

Trams travel down the middle of a road heading towards Leeds city centre.  The journey is filmed from on board the tram, footage being shot from the front. It passes a number 18 tram going in the opposite direction.  It passes a large white building on the right before arriving at the central bus station which is filled with both red buses and green buses.  Passengers disembark in the city centre.  A tram conductor collects fares, and there is a road sign for Leeds.  More trams are seen, including a number 20, as they pass several shops, including ‘Thrift Food market’, Silvers’, and ‘W. Spencer.’ (Possibly including trams on Selby and York Road, 1953 stock date.)

There is a very brief scene of a park football game and some flats before the film returns to the bulldozer in action.  There is a view over the city centre, the industrial landscape present.  Following this, boats are on the canal running through the city.  A lock keeper opens a lock to allow a large barge through of “Henry Hunt, Hull” which may be unloading coal at Leeds Lock. (1963 stock date)