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YFA 1708



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This is film documents the Glasgow School boy's trip to Canada. Arranged by a Mr Rhodes, the film captures the group initially taking a voyage across the Atlantic to Canada, where they explore the Montreal and Ottawa. The film also includes interesting shots of life on board the ship, which was part of the Cunard Line.

Title -W. H. Rhodes Canada Educational Trust, Tour to Canada, 1938.

Title - At County Hall 4th August.

The film opens with boys in School uniform walking past a woman with a baby in a pram and into County Hall, while cars and trucks pass by in the background.

Title - Leaving Southampton.

Cunard White Star warehouse is visible in the background as views from ship show the docks of Southampton, and, as the vessel departs, parents and well-wishers wave from quayside.

Title - The Solent.

On its voyage across the Atlantic to Canada, the boat sail around the Isle of Wight coastline, before the following shots show various yachts and seagulls left behind in the ships wake.

Title - The Needles.

Views capture the Needles Lighthouse at Alum Bay on the Isle of Wight.

Title - At sea, 10th August.

Two boys walk along the waterlogged deck and a close up shows a log book from the Cunard White Star, R. M. S Aurania. The camera then focuses on a particular sentence in the manual that reads, 'Moderate gales, heavy sea and swell, cloudy and clear'. The sea then becomes very choppy.

Title - The constitutional.

Boys take a stroll along the deck, navigating through the crowds as in the wind flares up.

Title - Life at sea.

A close-up shows a brochure cover with the heading, 'Cunard White Star Entertainment Programme'. Some of the group are then captured by the filmmaker throwing a ring to each other over a net on deck, before moving on to play Coits and table tennis.

Title - The Upper Sixth and Others.

More shots show the traveling group of boys on deck playing numerous games.

Title - The Other Side.

Views from the ship capture the Canadian coast and it drifts ever closer.

Title - Landing.

The boys disembark from the ship.

Title - Montreal and District.

The boys climb aboard a sightseeing bus, with numerous views showing the busy streets of Montreal.

Title - Montreal to Ottawa.

The filmmaker captures the boys on board the train, in their seats, while also taking views of the countryside out the window.

Title - Ottawa and District.

Boys in School uniform gather on the steps of a building for a group picture, before resting on the grass lawns of the hotel. The group then walking across a bridge made of railway sleepers, which hang above a waterway. Views of Ottawa show the streets, built up districts and trams gliding between the streets. Several shots then capture the exterior of a museum and a large gothic building. The sequence concludes with views of canals, loch gates and the sea.

Title - In the Dominion Experimental Farm.

The boys then explore the experimental farm, before moving on to the gardens. The film comes to a close with a short sequence capturing the city of Ottawa at night, however these shots are underexposed.