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YFA 756



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Taken over a period of time during World War II, this film documents various civic engagements for the Lord Mayor of Bradford, Cecil Barnett. There are parades and a show put on by the Canadian Navy at the Alhambra Theatre, Bradford.

A marching band walks down a main street in front of police with dignitaries marching after them. Men in suits, children, nurses, and female officers bring up the rear of the procession. Then there is a shot of a pamphlet which reads `The Civic Service of Thanksgiving Victory in Europe 1945'.

There are shots of the length of a church. Some women stand in the door of the church and then the dignitaries and clergy and rest of the procession emerge in a line. Following this are lingering shots of the various dignitaries standing on a small platform on some steps watching as a procession passes by.

The next scene opens in the town square and a team of cyclists talk to the Lord Mayor; they wear cycling shorts, hats and have bottles of water attached to their handlebars. The group of cyclists begin their cycle and the camera follows them for a few shots.

There is a brief shot of a juggler and then shots of lots of people sitting down to dinner in a restaurant. Some school boys and girls are in a hall learning to dance.

The next scene opens with the Canadian Navy show at the Alhambra where male and female Naval Officers are dancing in the theatre and then parading up to the stage carrying large flags.

Title-Canadian Navy Come to T.

Following this the Naval Officers attend a tea party at Bradford Town Hall. The Officers are introduced by Commander Stewart Robertson and are greeted by the Mayor.

Title-Home Guard Stand Down.

Men march along a main road and they pass a platform with the Lord Mayor and other dignitaries. To one side of the road a band play and there are more shots from around them and then another marching band walk by.

In the next few shots the Lord Mayor and some of the local Home Guard stand on a stage decorated by Union Jack flags. The Home Guard take part in a march past that includes the Highland Regiment's brass band. As they pass the stage they are saluted by the Mayor and other local dignitaries.

Title-Lord Mayor Shows Interest in Local Sport.

The film closes with the Mayor and Mayoress attending a football match followed by the Mayor presenting the winners, East Bierley, with a trophy.