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YFA 5156



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This film documents a visit of members of the Canadian Army to Halifax, West Yorkshire during the Second World War.  In addition to seeing the town itself, the tour includes Beacon Hill, Ogden Reservoir, and a football match at the Shay.  

The film begins with a shot of the Mayor of Halifax who is wearing a top hat and ceremonial chains.  The soldiers who stand alongside him begin to board a bus.  There is a shot of the soldiers as they pass through an arched walkway before making their way into the Town Hall for a meet and greet with the Mayor.  The soldiers all shake hands with the Mayor and his wife, and after which, the Mayor makes a speech.  There are a few close-up shots of those in attendance.  

The tour moves on, and the Mace Bearer and Councillors accompany the soldiers as they go to inspect a mill and the Parish Church.  The group makes its way along a cobbled street, and smoky factory towers can be seen in the background.  Inside the mill, the soldiers are shown some of the machines which spin wool into yarn.  Outside, they pass a row of old houses before heading to the Parish Church.  Next they take in a view of Halifax from Beacon Hill.  Some of the soldiers climb over a dry stone wall to get a better view.  The soldiers also visit Odgen Reservoir, and following this are shots of Halifax’s cityscape.  Tall factory towers can be seen interspersed among the residential rooftops.     

The soldiers emerge from a building and again board a bus which takes them to a football match at the Shay.  The soldiers have front row seats, and part of the match is filmed.  Following this, one of the soldiers is taken to a house where he will be staying with a family.  The two men get out of the car and make their way along the path to the front door where two women wait to greet him. Inside, the family and soldiers gather around the piano in the living room.  One man smokes a cigarette while another glances at the paper.  Different soldiers pose with their host families outside their houses.  They smile and laugh for the camera.  A group of locals and soldiers sit along a wall where they look out onto the surrounding countryside.  The film ends with the soldiers sitting down to a formal meal with the Mayor at Shibden Hall.