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YFA 4596



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This film is from the C.H. Wood collection and contains footage of the factory where the carpets are produced for Birstall Carpets. There are shots of the final products and the steps that go into getting the raw wool to that stage.

Title-Birstall Carpet Co., Ltd present

Title-`Can we help you?'

A man walks across a shop display of carpets and over to a stand advertising `Superloop' and `Supercut' carpets. He lifts up the selection of sample pieces to show the variety of colours available. There is a shot of a pencil point picking up the loops in the carpet and then the man pressing his thumb down to show how thick and springy the carpet is.

The scene cuts to a factory where coloured wool is going through the carding machine, then into a spinning section where the fibres are rolled around to keep them flat. Then the fibres are fed through another few sections of machinery, and the shot cuts to threads being wound onto spindles. There are more shots of different coloured thread on spindles.

Following this are shots of a weaving machine and lengths of carpet coming out onto rollers. A man examines the carpet and cuts off any straggly threads. Two men roll a large roll of carpet down a ramp and towards the camera.

The next section is about the `Supercut' carpets and again shows the variety of colours and designs on the on the sample pieces. There is a brief shot of a man dropping two small pieces of red carpet into two glasses. The after shot shows how much of the dye came out of one of the pieces.

A woman sits at an industrial sewing machine and sews a seam along the edges of a carpet. In the next shot a man wraps the long roll of carpet with cardboard and paper.

There are more carpet testers and then shots of a wool dyeing machine in a factory. Following this are shots of two women working at a large mechanical loom. They move around some of the yarns and then remove a piece of the machinery in order to remove the finished piece of carpet. There is a close-up shot of the machine weaving the tiny piece of wool into a carpet. The final shots are of two women brushing the carpet as it comes out of the machine and then ends with the carpet man walking away from the shop display.

Title-The End.

Photography by C.H.Wood (Bradford) Ltd.