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YFA 3255



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Within this film is a mixture of both black and white and colour footage of the Cameron family taken during World War II. Featured in this film are family walks in the country, playing in the family garden, a toddler putting on a gas mask, day trips to the zoo and beach, and images of the two sons growing up.

Black and White ( AGFA)

A young boy smiles at the camera, and in doing so, it can be seen his front tooth is missing. His brother spins a metal weight around his hand, and their mother stands at the front door where she flicks through a book.


A boy kneeling on the path turns the soil in the flower bed. He uses a small gardening fork. Then, the boy fills up the bird bath with water from a white jug.

Black and White

(London?) Two boys stand at the top of a flight of stairs and are helped by the zoo keeper onto the back of a camel. The boy wearing a suit with shorts feeds the pigeons from his hand.  The boy stands at the top of some steps in the garden and holds his leg out so his mother can tie his shoe laces. The mother and son stand talking to each other, and then the boy talks with his father.  In a cot a baby is waking up after a nap, and later, the baby tries to sleep in a pram.  On a beach two mothers sit with babies on their laps.  There is more footage of the baby including bathing, sitting in a high chair, and playing with the family. Mother plays with the baby on the beach, walking to the water's edge and playing with a bucket and spade.


A boy wearing a red coat and trousers walks in the garden where he pulls toys on a string. The boy plays with a horse on wheels and a plastic mallard and sits on his older brother's lap. The father stands next to his older son who is dressed in a school uniform. He also holds his younger son who later tries to put on a pink and purple child's gas mask, but he cannot get it on. Instead, he tries to put it on his toy horse. The boy plays in the garden with his older brother who flies a model aeroplane into the air. The boy rides on the back of his older brother's shoulders around the garden, and the older brother holds a guinea pig in his arms, showing his younger brother how to hold the animal gently.

Black and white

The youngest boy smiles at the camera. He walks over to the car which is parked in the driveway. Trying to get into the car, the boy pulls on the door handle. He climbs into the car, shutting the door behind him. A young man dressed in an army uniform marches with the little boy who is dressed in a soldier's shirt and hat which is far too big for him. The young man picks up the boy, and they both salute each other several times. The older brother is playing with a model train and shows it to his mother in the garden. The mother and older son stand in the garden, and the boy carries his train through the garden. On the dining room table, the young boy plays with a toy train set. His older brother rides a bicycle in the street. The film closes with shots of the two brothers shovelling snow in the garden.