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YFA 3263



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This film, made by Donald and Ida Cameron is from the Cameron collection and contains footage of family and everyday life as the seasons changed in Britain during one year in the 1940s.

Title-The Changing Year.

Title-Photography, Donald and Ida Cameron

Title- Marjorie L. Garlick

Title-Furniture by Drage

Pianos by W. Peck, cigarettes by Abdulla

Faces by Nature.


The film opens with daffodils gently swaying in the breeze and is then followed by lots of other plants and flowers in bloom. A man wearing a hat and a pipe pulls down cherry blossom branches in order to have a look at them. The young boy sits up in a tree and grins down at the camera.

A sheep and her lambs walk across a field followed by shots of some cows lying in a field and chewing grass. There are shots taken from a hill looking down onto the countryside.


The sea laps at some rocks and a small group of people are on a beach which is positioned in an inlet. The young boy stands on a small boat in the water. There are shots of a small harbour full of boats.

The next section opens with shots of a church and busy streets in a town and then cuts back to the family sitting on the sand against the sea wall. There is a sequence of shots of the boy and an older man waiting on the jetty for a boat to come in and children riding donkeys on the beach.


In the next section some of the family members are beside the captain of a ship; they try on his cap and laugh at the camera. Then there are shots of Whitby Abbey, the town, different types of boats in the harbour, and the mother leading the young boy on a donkey. Several of the family members take a boat trip out of the harbour and along the coastline.

The boy and his father are on a swing boat and followed by shots of the mother climbing into tall grass in order to cuts some flowers.


There are shots of the clouds and the trees silhouetted against the sky.

The boy and his father walk along beside a river following a group of ducks as they swim downstream. In another section the young boy and an older boy are on a farm. The young boy helps to turn the hay with a pitch fork; an older boy does it too.

Title-Autumn would be incomplete without a visit to the illuminations. Lots of shots of the lights and then of Blackpool beach front during the day. The trams run along the road and there are point of view shots taken from the top of the bus tram as it makes its way along the road.

Title-Please to remember the fifth of November

The younger and older boys gather big tree branches in a forest and pile them up. In the following shot the mother helps the younger boy to bring a Bonfire Night Guy out of the house and sit him in a chair outside.

Title-And the University Rag.

An open top lorry drives doctors and nurses along in the back. There is a sign on it reading `help the royal infirmary'. A woman dressed as a sailor walks along shaking collection boxes as she passes through large crowds of people on the streets and lots of traffic. A couple of men dressed as fairies sit on the roof of a car and are driven through the crowds.


Shots taken from a height looking down onto the garden; there is heavy snow falling. A hand opens the radio times and it pans out to show the father sitting beside the radio, turning it on and lighting his pipe. The mother is sitting on the floor wrapping presents. In the next scene she helps her older boy to hang baubles on the Christmas tree and after this the two boys play beside the tree.

Some family members sit around the table and toast the camera as the mother gets ready to pull a cracker with one of the men.

In the following scene the woman and her son are outside in the snow. She slides down the path and follows her son out of the camera shot. Following this a group of men, women and children slide down the snowy, sloped hill waving at the camera; they do it many times.

Title-Now come for a ride. Keep up your feet!

There is a point of view shot from the sled as it slides down a steep path.

Title-The End.