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NEFA 22007



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This is a humorous Calendar News item set to uncover the worst shopper in the world.  The competition pits a determined man against the chairwoman of the Leeds branch of the National Housewives Association in a contest held at Leeds Market.  The item was originally broadcast on 23rd January, 1975.

The film opens at Leeds Indoor Market where the reporter does a piece to camera.  It is the title fight for the Worst Shopper in the World.  Mr. George Semper called British Housewives the worst shoppers in the world.  He explains that his competitor in today’s event, Mrs. Harrison, is an “expert,” not representative of the average housewife, and has an advantage as he’s not shopped in this market for 10 years.

Mrs. Pat Harrison is the chairwoman of the Leeds branch of the National Housewives Association.  She explains how she will prove Mr. Semper wrong.  Inside the market, other members of the press have gathered around the fruit and veg market stall where the competitors will begin.  The reporter provides a bit of commentary explaining the rules:  they must buy shopping for a week, finding certain items on the list, and with a spending budget of £6.  

At the end of the allotted time, Mr. Semper is short items from the list, but still believes he has finished on top.  He and Mrs. Harrison argue the point, and when asked by the reporter if he has changed his view of British housewives, he explains he has not and believes that 80-90% of the “run of the mill” housewives still fall short when it comes to shopping.  The piece comes to an abrupt ending as the couple’s argument gets increasingly heated.