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This light-hearted Calendar News item investigates the fashions of Carnaby, a small village near Bridlington, East Yorkshire, and whether or not they compare to those of Carnaby Street in London.  Liz Fox reports.  

The item opens with a piece to camera discussing the latest fashions of catsuits and mini-skirts.  She is standing next to a sign for the village of Carnaby.  Next she interviews an older man about fashion.  Though not wearing a shirt, he is wearing a flat cap and trousers and describes his fashion as “Teddy Boy” from the waist down.  He jokes that it’s the latest fashion for the ben of Carnaby to walk around shirtless.  Fox interviews another man outside Tyresoles garage.  Dressed in overalls, he admits he’s not fashion conscious.  A third man, wearing wellies, likes to think he’s into fashion.  Fox moves onto interview a few women from the village who say the young men of the village aren’t very trendy, and it’s actually the younger women.