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Part of the Calendar Magazine series, this film shows disabled athletes preparing for the Special Olympics in Sheffield. 

The film begins showing a meeting of athletes in a living room. One of the athletes talks to the assembled team about some of the training being undertaken. He continues speaking as the film shows members of the team playing football in a sports hall, before cutting back to the briefing session.

The film moves on to a countryside location and a large building overlooking fields and trees which is home to members of a Special Olympics team. The film shows members of the team walking towards the camera as the commentary states that the event is being staged at Sheffield’s Woodbourn Road stadium on Sunday, July 10, 1988.

The commentary goes on to say that the squad, passing by the camera, are off to Hillsborough, the home ground for Sheffield Wednesday football club for a special session of training.

In the sports hall, the Olympic squad plays football. Other players at the session providing their encouragement and support. The commentary goes on to say that the team receives coaching from players from both Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United, rugby league players from Sheffield Eagles and a squad from the city’s community programme.

A spokesman on camera outlines how the local community programme in professional football has helped organised the session and their own involvement with the Special Olympic team.

Under the watchful eye of experts, a number of the athletes receive coaching in their specific events including long jumping, shot putting plus general fitness training.  One of the rugby players appears on camera speaking enthusiastically of the Olympic team members’ energy and commitment.

The film follows the progress of a football training session, as on camera three leading members of the Olympic team as Nigel, Adam and, seen at the beginning of the film giving a team briefing Taffy, speak on camera.

Taffy is an Olympic champion, a pentathlete, Nigel’s specialty is swimming and Adam’s is football but he also has had training in playing hockey. They are all looking forward to the games.

Away from the sports hall back at the team’s home, a woman speaks of their commitment and her belief that they should receive as much sponsorship and publicity as the mainstream Olympic team.

Back in the sports hall, the team undergoes rugby training as Taffy makes his way through the opposition to score.

Back at home another member of staff outlines the benefits of training and being members of the team bring to the individuals involved.

The report ends back at the sports hall a team member receives some coaching at long jumping.