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YFA 5842



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This is a Yorkshire Television Calendar Special on the work of the glaziers at York Minster, focusing on the head glazier Peter Gibson.  It was made just 18 months after the devastating fire in the South Transept in July, 1984.

The film starts showing the building where the Minster glaziers work across from the Minster.  Peter Gibson, the head glazier, gives an account of the York Glaziers Trust and its work.  He explains that 60% of their time is spent on York Minster glass and the rest on glass from elsewhere.  The glaziers, five craftsmen, and two apprentices can be seen at work.  The film highlights examples of stained glass windows in York Minster.  Gibson shows an example of a 12th century panel of glass, originating from the Minster before the present one, explaining that both the lead and the glass are deteriorating.  He shows the bank of glass, which has previously been removed from the Minster, that is used in repairs, trying to find a piece from the same date.  

Walking around the Minster, Gibson gives a potted history of stained glass.  He also explains how he served his seven year apprenticeship, starting in 1945, on the East Window, which he claims is the world’s finest achievement of fifteenth century glass painting. He comes out of his house, close to the Cathedral, and walks to his workplace.  As we see the glaziers at work, he gives an account of how he got into his job, and how it is still a popular occupation with new workshops opening up.  The film finishes showing more close ups of the stained glass windows in the Minster.