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YFA 5672



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This film focuses on how football has inspired a Yorkshire artist to dedicate himself to creating paintings of the sport. Most of the film consists of the artist verbally describing football’s natural fit as an artistic subject while we watch footage of an amateur football game. This film was made as part of the 1980s Yorkshire Television series ‘Calendar Magazine’.

The film begins with an exterior shot of the artist walking to his residency.  Following this is footage of the interior of the house, and the artist begins work in his studio. A narrator speaks over these visuals and provides valuable context on the artist’s relationship with football. 

The artist then walks to a sports field to watch an amateur football match. He discusses his passion for football and its natural affinity with painting. 

For the remainder of the film, the film cuts back and forth between the artist being interviewed and working in his studio and the earlier football match. His words frequently accompany shots of the game to illustrate his points regarding football’s artistic qualities.