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YFA 6068



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Part of the Calendar Magazine series, this programme looks at an amateur group of actors from Huddersfield who are making a video production of Dracula with a woman playing the title role.  

The film opens with a day for night shot at Castle Hill tower, near Huddersfield, in silhouette against dark sky as a man with a sword chases a woman.   This is followed by a shot of two people with a video camera held on a tripod.  The amateur group of actors from Huddersfield are making their version of Dracula with a budget of only £100.  The two actors come over to speak to the crew with the video camera.  

Now inside, Chris Kiddy interviews actor/director Tom Maylott.  He speaks about his interest in Hammer Horror films and how he obtained permission to make this new version of Dracula.  Other actors and members of the crew can be seen in the background.

Kiddy then goes onto interview the woman playing the Countess Dracula.  She talks about how it’s time for women to play good roles and how she prefers old horror films to modern day horror which she feels are too violent.  The interview is intercut with footage of two women putting on makeup for the production.  

A group of young actors are gathered around a coffin.  Many of them are dressed in typical ‘80s style fashions.  The scene is Dracula’s awakening, and a woman in the coffin lets out a blood-curdling scream as blood pours from her neck.  Dracula can be seen in the background.  

The programme ends with Kiddy doing a piece to camera, summarizing the story and displaying a vampire bite mark on his neck.